RAM Config

  bomberforpm 14:37 17 Apr 2008


Ive recently bought a new rig and installing a few extra bits and bobs...

Now ive ordered 2x2gb of OCZ 667mhz 5400 RAM to max out the 32bit OS.

The question i have is this....

Will the 2gb chip that came with the machine (not sure of the make but its 667mhz 5300 chipset),will it run as a third chip totaling 6gb if i upgrade to a 64bit OS?

Will the OCZ RAM be hindered or helped by this 3rd chip?

I know the RAM should really be paired but it seems a shame to ditch a perfectly good 2gb chipset.

  bomberforpm 15:35 17 Apr 2008


  bremner 15:45 17 Apr 2008

Many motherboards have to have matched pairs of RA.

Tell us what you motherboard is and we can give you a better answer.

  bomberforpm 16:17 17 Apr 2008

The mobo is a AMD 690G.

It has 4 slots (2x2 colour co-ordinated).

The 2 OCZ fill the first 2 slots and work fine with a 5.9 vista score.

Will the third (probably budget build) 2gb chipset in the 3rd slot (first of the 2nd colour,if that makes sense) make any difference either in a positive or negative manner with a 64 bit OS?

  bremner 16:21 17 Apr 2008

The AMD690G is the chipset on the motherboard - if you are unsure use Belarc - click here. It will analyse the system and report its hardware

  Technotiger 16:30 17 Apr 2008

Or click here and run the on-line scan, this will tell you more less what you can or cannot do regarding your RAM setup.

  bomberforpm 16:30 17 Apr 2008

AMD Phenom™ Quad-Core Processor 9500
(4 x 512KB L2 cache, 2.2GHz)
AMD™ 690G chipset with ATI™ SB600

is from acer website

So is ATI SB600 the answer?

  bomberforpm 16:31 17 Apr 2008

forgot to say im at work atm so cant use belarc at present

  bremner 16:34 17 Apr 2008

What is the make and model of the computer?

  bomberforpm 16:43 17 Apr 2008

Acer aspire M5100 9500

  bremner 17:03 17 Apr 2008

You must put matched pairs in each pair of slots. So to do what you seek you would need another 2GB module the same as the one you currently have. click here

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