RAM causes problems

  dan bould 13:12 11 Apr 2006

i had installed a 512 stick of ram exactly the same to wot i had already in 32 bit speed 512ram it then caused my computer to reset at random for a while then after that it stopped for a while then continued then it changed my start area thing it changed it from windows XP style to custised style then i tried to change it bk it would not allow me it was as if the style was deleted then i took out the ram and the porblem stopped but i wish to reinstall the ram but i was told that there mayb away to change the format of my of my motherboard a friend told me that it could be the way that the mother board is set out please reply with either an answer to allow me to reinstall my ram or a way of fixing it.

  dms05 13:29 11 Apr 2006

Go to Crucial and run their memory advisor click here and enter your exact computer make/model - at least it will tell you what configurations are possible. You could also try the Hardware forum on click here .

  Totally-braindead 15:38 11 Apr 2006

I would suggest that there are 3 possabilities

You don't mention what motherboard you have and how much memory you already have, its possible the motherboard cannot support the amount of memory you are trying to install.

The memory you are trying to install is actually faulty.

The memory you have is not exactly the same as what you have, it may be a different latency for example.

Take out your original memory and try your new memory on its own. If its ok them you're left with the first option. If it still fails then its probably one of the other two options.

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