Ram, can i fix it?

  square eyes 00:52 21 Mar 2003

Hi all,

After a long saga regarding pc stop errors, i discover i have problems with my memory, someone recommended running "memtest86". I think these tests take a very long time, possibly a day, but having run the test for over 6 hours, 16 passed and 11 errors were displayed. I tried the same test for the same time, but half the memory on a friends new pc and 21 passes and 0 errors were displayed. The readme file was very technical in it's instructions and diagnosing errors so i think i need help. The computer has a return to base warrantee but don't want to loose it unless i have to.

Am i able to do anything to cure the problem myself?
Would the company need the pc or just the memory stick to resolve the problem? (i could purchass some ram to enable me to use it)
Maybe someone fully understands how the memory tests work.

Thx in advance.

  square eyes 00:58 21 Mar 2003

My PC specs are: Windows XP, SP1, Asus Mobo A7V333 bios revision 1012 , 512mb ram, Radeon 9000 pro 64mb, 2100 Athlon processor, Audigy soundblaster 5.1, and I use an NEC TFT Monitor.

  davidg_richmond 01:09 21 Mar 2003

memory cells can be faulty without necessarily bringing the whole system down, but this usually requires ECC-parity memory, otherwise it can slow the system down or bring it crashing down. there is no way of fixing the fault other than replacing the memory.

i would suggest checking with the retailer to make sure they dont mind you opening the case - then remove one module and check again, and swap if errors are found. if only one module is faulty then i am sure they will replace it quickly for you and without need for buying another module.

  square eyes 01:23 21 Mar 2003

Thanks for your response.
When i spoke to the company some time ago in trying to solve some stop errors, he once mentioned that there could be a problem with memory and that the whole system should go in.
This is a company that don't deal with customers as they should, so not much faith.
I wanted to get a second opinion wether or not it is neccessary for the system to go in.
(They were once prepared for me to take out my graphics card to be sent in)

If i can just send in the stick, then i could buy myself a small amount of memory to enable me to continue using it and could simply add on to the existing memory so wouldn't be a waste of money.

I will swap the 512mb stick for a 256mb stick and re-run the test amd hopefully that will tell me if there is a problem.


  Spook Tooth 02:39 21 Mar 2003

It appears you've already ruled out other causes to your system instability problem. There is really no need to send the whole system back to the vendor, just the memory module - perhaps you can print out the error readings from running the memtest program for them?

Memory is fairly cheap at present - you can get quality memory for around £50-55 if you click here. Use the motherboard/system selector utility and you'll have an additional guarantee of compatibility.

  Rayuk 17:24 21 Mar 2003

I think you should contact your supplier and tell them that you have run memtest and it is coming up with errors and can you return the memory to them for replacement,and as you say get yourself 256Mb so you can carry on using your pc.
Best place to go is crucial website good quality memory and service.

  mark e 04:37 22 Mar 2003

Memory is too dear at that link
try click here

  MPete 06:54 22 Mar 2003

You might want to try just taking it out and putting it back in a few times. It may be just a poor contact. There is lots of connections and if one is so so putting it in and taking it out a few times could fix it. Don't try to clean the contacts.... Just install and uninstall the friction will clean them with no static.

  Spook Tooth 07:04 22 Mar 2003

There's less than six quid difference between a trusted reliable brand (£28.19) and unbranded, £22.98 (that is for 256MB DDR266 memory).

Add shipping (courier £6.50) that Micro-Logic will charge and the total is more than £30. Crucial ship by special delivery for free, usually within 2 working days if not the next day. Micro-Logic state within 3-5 working days.

Any luck with it so far, square eyes?

  square eyes 19:50 22 Mar 2003

ok, after the memtest showed up errors it confirmed the high disc activity i was experiencing. Rather like listening to an engine, difficult to know until you've heard several. I just hope this is the only problem with it now. Strange that the latest driver cured the stop errors though, but occur when activating certain demos.(sorry, old ground)
For your interest, this is the thread that led me here click here

Tech support said that it was all likely to be memory problems, i spoke to somebody who seemed to know what he was talking about, which makes a change. #:)
Action is: I will recieve a label on Monday, i need to phone a number, a courier will come and collect it and then i will be sent a new one after 2-3 days of receipt. What a shame they can't simply swap an old for a new. These companies don't work like that unfortunately.

He advised that i would need at least 128mb 2100DDR to use it, so have ordered and paid for this through crucial, apparantly good quality and free delivery for uk, can't go wrong there.
Hopefully i will have timed it right and should be with me by WED hopefully. Eventually i will have 640mb ram!! Turbo charged!

Rayuk mentioned i should have 256mb, isn't 128 enough? If not maybe i can quickly change the order to 256.

Please let me know!
Will i gain any benefits through having 640mb?
Many thanks to you kind people

  Rayuk 20:00 22 Mar 2003

128Mb should be enough to survive on till you get replacement back.[Always go over the top]
If you have ordere it from Crucial I doubt you will have to wait till Weds.more likely to be Monday.

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