RAM advice

  Klappers 14:17 07 Dec 2005

You may remember me from an earlier post today. I took my ram out and thought i'd killed my pc! Anyway turns out i'm just an idiot. But now i know what ram i have i wondered if anyone could give me some advice on a replacement. I currently have 4 Hynix PC2700u 256mb ddr 333MHz. What I would like to do is take one out and add a 512mb, so i have 1.5 gig. My question is do i have to buy the same make (Hynix) or could i buy something like corsair? And does it have to be PC2700 333MHz DDR? or could i buy 400MHz PC3200 DDR? Thank you for any help.

  PC Bilbo 15:08 07 Dec 2005

You could buy PC3200 wbut it will only run at the same bandwidth/speed as the PC2700 so no gain.

  Jazzy James 15:10 07 Dec 2005

I would definitely get PC2700
shouldn't worry too much about the type

  DieSse 15:12 07 Dec 2005

It may work if you mix specifications - or ot may not .- or even worse, it will work but give odd problems. So it's safer not to mix specifications.

If you have 4x256, and you take one out and put in a 512 - then you'll have 1.25 Gb - not 1.5. I doubt if you would notice a difference.

Also if your system is set for dual channel RAM - you'll lose the dual channeling, and you RAM will be much slower.

  PC Bilbo 15:18 07 Dec 2005

Whoops didn't mean to click post.

To continue, the first thing to determine is what the motherboard will accept and also make sure that if you have 4 filled DIMM slots that your mobo is not Dual Memory in which event you must fill each two linked DIMMS with exactly the same memory which you would normally buy as a matched pair.

If you log into Crucial's site click here

they have a memory selector tool that can anayse your computer and tell you what will work (they also guarantee it will work)

  citadel 16:27 07 Dec 2005

As long as you buy branded retailed box memory that has guarantee and is the correct type for your pc it does not matter which brand it is.

  Epirb406 19:23 07 Dec 2005

But why do you think more than a gig of RAM would be better than what you have?

Cheers, Epirb.

  Klappers 19:40 07 Dec 2005

Thanks for the advice.
@ DieSse.. yes your right, i got a little confused there. It would be 2 slots with 512 2 with 256.
@ Epirb406.. I was hoping more RAM would make my games run better?

  wee eddie 07:04 08 Dec 2005

What Graphics Card have you?

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