highside 12:43 18 Sep 2009

My laptop can take a maximum 4096 GB RAM.
I have one Corsair GB fitted in just one of the two slots. Now this 2GB module is reported by Norton 360 diagnostics as being 2147GB so if I fit the other identical module I have does it mean I will be actually fitting too much? ie 2147X2 = 4294.

I have checked with Samsung and 4GB is OK for the Laptop. (Win Vista Home Premium.)and -

(I know that 4GB will not all be used and that Windows will use some.)

Real reason for asking is - if I look in Device Manager or performance etc, Windows will report a stock 2GB, is there somewhere it will state the full actual amount if you see what I am trying to say?
Thanks for looking.

  ol blueeyes 12:56 18 Sep 2009

Go to click here download their scan it will tell you what Memory you have and what you can update to. They will also supply you. Very respected Company

  Sea Urchin 13:07 18 Sep 2009

You seem to be confusing GB with MB. Your laptop can take a maximum of 4GB and so with 2 already installed you could fit another two. Go with ol blueeyes' link for Crucial scanner.

  Sea Urchin 13:09 18 Sep 2009

I hadn't looked at ol blueeyes link - website under development - but try this one

click here

  highside 13:14 18 Sep 2009

Sorry brain not too good today, 4096MB 4.096GB
Yes thanks know about crucial, question was what is a nominal value of 2GB in practice?
What tolerence is expected on 2000,000,000.

  DieSse 15:35 18 Sep 2009

"question was what is a nominal value of 2GB in practice?"

In RAM - it's always 2GB - RAM modules are identical in terms of capacities. Forget the "extra" Bytes - they're just an artefact of the numbering system used. 2GB is 2GB is 2GB. Norton is just confusing you - it's a non-issue.

  DieSse 15:36 18 Sep 2009

I mean of course any 2GB is identical capacity to any other - not that ALL RAM is the same capacity.

  highside 19:47 20 Sep 2009

Thanks all

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