Electronic_Eric 12:06 12 Jul 2009


I have suspicions that at least one stick of ram is faulty. I think this because my computer is running really slow. Ive run anti-virus and anti-spyware and ive only formated and reinstalled windows a couple of months ago.

My machine is about 6.5 years old. So something else might be at fault.

How can i tell if it is the ram that is knackered?


  oldbeefer2 12:13 12 Jul 2009

try Memtest click here

  Electronic_Eric 12:47 12 Jul 2009

Might i add that i was using firefox today and windows task manager said it was using just over 500mb of ram. Even though i only had 4 webpages up, none of them have any videos on them. It also said my ram in use was 2gb. It was like this for a few minutes then it all of a sudden calmed down and dropped to a normal level. Firefox didnt crash.

I would say its firefox but it also does this with one of the processes that my antivirus runs. I have zonealarm and the process that runs that does a similar thing is scanningprocess. I believe its a process used for real-time antivirus protection.

It also does it with windows media player.

Ive run that memtest and its pasted 150% and its found no errors so far. Im going to leave the memtest running all day.
If it find nothing, what else can it be?

  DieSse 13:56 12 Jul 2009

How much real RAM (as opposed to virtual RAM) have you actually got. 1GB is ideal to run XP - 500MB can be a bit low when you got lots of other programs running (eg inefficient AV, Messengers, Skype, etc).

If you had faulty RAM you'd probably be getting severe issues such as blue screens, hang-ups, etc.

A good clear out of temporary files using a good disk cleaner (I use Wise Disk Cleaner) may help - and maybe even a registry clean.

  Electronic_Eric 14:06 12 Jul 2009

It was over 500MB just for the memory usage for Firefox. It was at 2GB for the whole system at the exact same time.

Hang-ups as in the system appears to be delayed and freezes. Like if i click on to another program that is already running, it takes a good 30seconds a minute to switch over to it?

Ive got 1GB of ram. Ie. the sticks of ram that is plugged in to the motherboard.

That memtest has found 1 error. Should it keep finding the same error if i allow it to continue? Its done 500% and its only found the one error.

  DieSse 14:16 12 Jul 2009

What version of Firefox are you running?

What AV program?

What other resident software?

1 error in 5 passes of Memtest might be cause for concern - but wouldn't be slowing your system down.

Windows has a sophisticated algorithm governing it's use of "real" RAM irrespective of what applications you're running, for maximum efficiency. It runs as much as it can in real RAM, consistent with allocating a sensible amount for applications both running and for new ones to open in.

  T I M B O 14:39 12 Jul 2009

Sometimes the stick of ram just need to be removed a couple of times & re-seated to ensure a good connection.

  crosstrainer 15:11 12 Jul 2009

It's all a little "best guess" Until we know your system specs. Download and run:

click here

Just post back the relevant specs..IE: motherboard chipset memory graphics:))

  Electronic_Eric 16:08 12 Jul 2009

Firefox is the latest. I think its version 3.0.11
Media player is the latest. I thinks its version 11.

Zonealarm security suite, version 8.0

Resident software, does that mean antivirus/antispyware that runs all the time?

Processor - Intel P4 2.8Ghz HT
Motherboard - Abit Max3 IC7
Ram - I think its unbranded 1GB
Graphics - Geforce 4 ti4200
Soundcard - Soundblaster audigy
OS - Windows XP SP2

It doesnt lag and freeze all the time. It will be fine for a little while and then it will start acting up for half an hour or so and then it will be fine again for how ever long and then it will do it again. That might be the reason why its only found 1 error in 500%

  Electronic_Eric 16:13 12 Jul 2009

I would have downloaded the program but i hate having little programs like that on my computer. If im missing any info, tell me il tell you it.

  oldbeefer2 10:07 13 Jul 2009

" i hate having little programs like that on my computer" - they are very useful for diagnosics and can be removed when finished with.

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