pureepaul 01:43 13 Oct 2007

ram=random access money

after a bit of hunting i found out ram upgrade is pretty simple, you guys out there helped set my mind at ease' enough to open my (first) computers case and find out where,how,etc etc.
the question is, why such a difference in price, for the 512 mb bit i wanted pc world charged 11.00 more than the local mini shop, and that is a lot of money considering a big retailer should have the buying power to sell stuff cheaper. a lot of people go there thinking a big store must be cheaper, and realistically it should be, so how come it's not?
the ram i bought works very well so a question of quality it is not!!
any ideas out there?!?!

  Forum Editor 09:00 13 Oct 2007

from retailer to retailer, and finding out why involves some marketing knowledge. Go to all the major supermarkets and buy a trolley-full of the same goods and see how the prices of specific items vary - somebody will sell some things cheaper, and somebody else will sell other items cheaper. It's marketing, and it happens in all industries.

You don't say if the brands were the same in both PCWorld and your local shop, but I suspect they weren't, and where RAM is concerned this can make a big difference.

  Totally-braindead 16:56 13 Oct 2007

Sometimes PC World are very expensive, sometimes for some items they are very cheap. In the case of RAM lets face it one slab looks almost identical to the other but they are not.
Poor quality memory has caused me a lot of bother over the years so I no longer buy it. I buy good quality memory and save myself the hassle.
Was the memory you bought the exact same make/model between the local shop and PCW? If so then PCW were obviously expensive for it, if they were not exactly the same then I suggest PCWs memory is probably better quality.

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