Ralink Wireless Card Problem

  dvid 17:38 14 Aug 2008

Hi, i got a laptop a few months ago and had problems connecting wirelessly with the router, it worked sometimes for a few hours then would cut out. I thought the problem was with the router instead of the wireless card but my brother bought a laptop and his connection is fine. When i turn on the wireless card the icon has a score through it and says that it is disconnected. I've tried disabling it and letting windows connect but that hasn't worked either and i've also tried updating the driver but it still doesn't work. Can anyone help?

  Ashrich 22:49 14 Aug 2008

Ok , a few questions first ..What OS are you using ?

What model number is the wireless card ?

Have you checked through the settings in Device Manager ( under the Advanced tab ) for changing the power settings etc. ?

Was the laptop new when you bought it , and what make and model of laptop is it ?

When you say " disabling it " do you mean stopping the supplied utility software and letting Windows manage the connection ?


  dvid 03:31 15 Aug 2008

Im using Windows Vista, i did buy the laptop new. Its an advent 5302.

If you mean the setting that allows the laptop to turn off the wireless card to save battery power...that setting isn't enabled.

i disabled it through the device manager under the driver tab for the wireless card.

  Ashrich 23:20 15 Aug 2008

In the power settings I was thinking about something like CAM ( constantly awake mode ) .

Also have a good look through the power settings for Vista itself ( control panel / power options ) try changing the option to High Performance , and you can customise it further by clicking on " change power settings / change advanced power settings . There will be settings there for the wireless card .

Is this where you got your latest drivers from click here .


  dvid 20:52 18 Aug 2008

The power setting is normally on high performance anyway. That is the driver i have.

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