Ralink Wireless ?

  Bow417 14:23 27 Dec 2007

Windows XP
Ralink Wireless with Broadband
Have AVG Free

When I open up the Ralink Wireless Utility window I see:

my name XXXX 99 None Unknown

different XXXX 59 TKiP WPAZ

1. It shows I'm connected to the 1st one. The second one looks like my neighbor?? If so is he able to receive my traffic?
2. Encrypt--mine shows none--does that mean I have no security - upload or download?If not what should I do. What is (AUTHENT) as well as the other headings?

  Dipso 14:44 27 Dec 2007

You are broadcasting a wireless signal that is currently unencrypted. Unless you secure it, any one of your neighbours could use your broadband connection. If you have a wireless router and have set up a wireless network you need to set up the encryption. What router do you have? See my last post click here with the procedure using a Netgear router.

If you don't use the wireless you can disable it in your routers interface.

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