staples printer cartridge 23:13 27 Aug 2006

I have a fair knowledge of how RAID works but not a great knowledge - any information would be greatfully received. So here is my query: I currently have 2 10000rpm Raptors (36Gb each) set up in RAID 0 but there is a possibiltiy that one or both have failed. Theoretically is the system quicker as described above or is a single 10000raptor of 76Gb quicker/the same speed? Also do the discs have to be identical for RAID ie could I replace one of my 36GB drives with a 76Gb drive?


  sean-278262 23:29 27 Aug 2006

You can use a raid with a 76gb drive but it is limited to whatever the RAID is set as. However if it is JBOD then any size will do. You have yet to mention what kind of raid you have but I suspect Raid 1. 0 is where data is split equally over the 2 drives and 1 is where it is mirrored. 2 drives will be faster than the one drive.

  sean-278262 23:30 27 Aug 2006

Also what do you want to know about SATA?

  FelixTCat 23:31 27 Aug 2006


RAID 0 means that your data is striped half on one disk and half on the other. If one of the two disks fails you lose all of your data, so you will know if it has happened. If you have 2 disks they will both use the same disk space and any additional space on one of the drives will be wasted.

RAID 0 will usually be faster than a single disk because there are 2 read/write operations at the same time. You have to balance this against the risk of losing all your data.



  staples printer cartridge 23:39 27 Aug 2006

sorry didn't make myself clear: I have a RAID 0 set up as I have a second hard drive (IDE) for backup as well as an external HDD. My real query is do two discs with a combined 76Gb capacity in RAID 0work faster than a single 76Gb SATA volume? FelixTCat seems to have answered that one.
Second query what about a RAID 0 setup with 2 different capacuty HDDs?

  staples printer cartridge 23:41 27 Aug 2006

You seem to be suggesting that it is equally split and therefore two different capcity discs in RAID 0 will not work? Am I right?

  ade.h 23:49 27 Aug 2006

Two different capacities will usually work - as felix touched on. However, you should always bear in mind the particular requirements of your chosen RAID controller; some are more fussy than others about the finer details of hard-disk specification (not just size) and that can vary depending on the RAID configuration. RAID 5, for example, is more tolerant than RAID 1+0. If in doubt, it is best to stay within model ranges if possible. Also, it is always best to use a three- or four-disk array in anything other than RAID 1, due to the data integrity weakness outlined by CotN.

  staples printer cartridge 11:15 28 Aug 2006

That's brilliant guys, thanks. I understand now.

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