VIA RAID tool programme

  GEJ 14:39 05 Nov 2006

I'v only had this, my 1st, computer for a couple of weeks and when I turned it on this morning a fresh icon had appeared in the bottom right corner. When I move the mouse cursor over it it says VIA RAID tool, if I right click on it it asks to open or end programme. What should I do and what is it please.

  Totally-braindead 16:20 05 Nov 2006

VIA is the make and RAID is when you have more than one identical hard drive in your computer and use them together.
You get different types of RAID, the two most common ones are, it copies all info onto 2 hard drives so that if a hard drive fails you still have all info on the other one and another copies part of all info onto each hard drive so that you can speed up the retreaval of info as you take part of the info from each drive at the same time.
Sorry I'm not explaining this too well.
Does your computer have 2 hard drives? If not then ignore the RAID thing as it was probably installed as part of the motherboard software and isn't actually doing anything anyway.

  GEJ 16:37 05 Nov 2006

to the best of my knowledge I have only 1 hard-drive LOL so I shall ignore it

  leighrogers 09:46 06 Nov 2006


RAID 0 is striped which splits your files over two drives which reduces access times and therefore speeds up your pc significantly.

RAID 1 is mirrored, which makes an exact duplicate of drive one on drive two. Which means in the event of a failure - your machine doesn't stop working :-(

You can get other RAID sets, like RAID 10 which does both 1 & 0 but you need a minimum 4 drives for that!

Your VIA RAID utility is just what manages the RAID arrays, as windows doesn't have default drivers or management for them.

I have 6 drives that use 2 both RAID 1 & 10, but this machine is used as a server. RAID on a home PC is overkill :-D

Hope this explains things a little more for you :-)

  GEJ 21:58 06 Nov 2006

hi Leigh,thanx for your response to my question.Now if I could just work out where the pesky blighter came from I'll be laughing.Though I am a lot happier now,in my ignorance I thought it's sudden appearance meant it was some sort of malware.Which mentalist calls something benign a RAID tool!?Scaring the poo out of plebs like me,grrr.

  ashdav 00:53 07 Nov 2006

Go to start/control panel/add remove programs and remove it.
It's only an access programme. If you're not using it it's useless.

  GEJ 01:14 07 Nov 2006

The question I'm now asking myself is SHOULD I be using it?(In reference to leighrogers reply about making duplicates of files) And if so can I do this to one of those flash drive do-hickeys or do I have to buy an external drive?

  ashdav 01:35 07 Nov 2006

VIA RAID tool is used to configure raid arrays. ie more than 1 hard drive. If you only have one hard drive then you can't use it.
If you remove it, it will not alter any other function on your computer.
It was automatically installed when the motherboard drivers were loaded onto your computer as part of the VIA Hyperion driver set click here
I did exactly the same on one of my own computers and everything was OK.
You can't use RAID with an external hard drive so remove it.

  GEJ 02:20 07 Nov 2006

Thankyou so much ashdav for the advice and the link it's very much appreciated.Sorry for being such a pleb.I thought computing was supposed to be fun,I'v had hospital procedures more fun than this between viruses,spyware,trojaan horses and then cryptically named "friendly" programmes my head's busted LOL. Thanx again Bud :o)

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