Raid setup

  absent 14:40 02 Jun 2004

My motherboard supports raid, and as a while back I had to replace a failed hard drive I would now like to use this feature.My current drive has about 60 gigs on at present,will all these files be copied automatically to my new drive or is this something you have to do manually.

Thanks in advance


  bugzy-no1 15:57 02 Jun 2004

my board it also has raid and my reading and understanding of it is that when you have raid running it wrights its information to two or more hd in your pc at one time and if one fails the information can still be retreved from the second makin it imposible to lose files or folders (sounds good ) but you would need 4 to 5 hd for to gain from it ?.
as for transfering files it might coppy onto your other drive but! it is a diffrent conection on mine it is a fine red cable with a connector the sise of a usb cable and runs at 150 transfer rate where you might be 133 or 66 with your hd anyway i hope this helps a bit and not give you more dout . ps look at hd on web and see ther is raid and ide conection kind ,good luck

  Rayuk 16:14 02 Jun 2004

If you are going to use your present hard drive in Raid0 ie 2 identical drives acting as one,you will loose everything on your present drive.

If 1 of the 2 drives fails you also loose everything

If your data etc is essential and you cannot afford to loose it you would have to use Raid1 which is 2 drives having same info on each.

  absent 16:52 02 Jun 2004

I wish to use raid 1 (mirrored for security)but not if I loose everything on my existing drive.

  Rayuk 17:15 02 Jun 2004

Have a look in your motherboard manual or maybe even a seperate manual for Raid that came with your motherboard[which model do you have?]

You can create Raid1 without losing your data but be extra careful.

  absent 18:04 02 Jun 2004

Thanks Rayuk

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7DXR+,the manual says you can do it without loosing data but covers itself by saying you should back up all exising data first. It also states that if you are using Win NT or 2000 and wish to include you current drive that you must install specific drivers for these before connecting the new drive. I am using WinXP do you think this would apply, I have downloaded what appears to be the neccessary driver.

  Rayuk 18:32 02 Jun 2004

Any hardware comes with a disclaimer like this just to cover their backs if something goes wrong,as long as you follow the instructions to the letter you shouldnt go wrong.

Will have a quick look at the manual.

  absent 18:32 02 Jun 2004

I have decided against using raid as the gigabyte website indicates it may also be neccessary to flash the BIOS,the versions below 7 have a problem with ATA133 mine is version 4. I will just use my new drive to backup what I really do not wish to loose,

  absent 18:35 02 Jun 2004

Thanks again Rayuk

  Rayuk 18:55 02 Jun 2004

You can always use Norton Ghost on a regular basis,at least that way if your main drive is infected or goes belly up,it will not affect your backup as may happen when using Raid1.

You can but Norton Systemworks 2003[Which includes Ghost Anti-Virus +] for about £10 on ebay,have done so myself a few times no problems.
This is one I have dealt with before
click here

  Rayuk 18:55 02 Jun 2004

sorry but = buy

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