Raid set up

  User-8E96A7DC-29F4-4E64-AAADAB70EE844734 11:07 11 May 2004


Anyone got a complete dumbo's guide to setting up raid '0', on an A7N8X-E
mobo with 2 new Maxtor 120Gb drives, just cant seem to figure it out!
Manual is a bit sparse on info, cant even get the mobo to see the drives.

Just a quick dummy question too: You can set XP pro on two clean brand new drives in raid 0?, I usually do partitioning and format with XP set up disc
on a single disc.

I can even get to create raid set which it does, but when it comes to set up,
windows disc loads in all the usual drivers and stuff and gets to the options screen where it says install windows when you hit enter it says 'no drives where detected, set up will exit'.

Anybody please!!!!

Anyone got an idea?

  cycoze 14:36 11 May 2004

When installing Windows one of the first blue screens you get asks at the bottom if you want to install other drives , you need to answer yes by tapping the F6 key , you will have to have RAID/SATA drivers on a floppy as you will be asked for them a few screens later , drivers should be found on the Mobo CD .

  €dstowe 14:45 11 May 2004

Have you thought this out?

Do you really want a RAID setup?

Will it do what you want it to?

The reason I ask this is because I'm aware of several people who think that a RAID system will answer all their computer prayers and is the computer equivalent to the "next best thing since sliced bread".

Well, for most people it isn't the answer to anything. RAID, in whatever configuration, takes up one or more whole hard disk(s) and loads them with data which you will most likely never use, slowing your system down in the process.

Think carefully before you go ahead with this and perhaps you may think afterwards that your second hard drive may be more usefully employed as a slave on the same IDE channel as the main drive.


  cycoze 15:07 11 May 2004

I agree with €dstowe , especially as RAID-0 is not fault tolerant , i assumed however if you wanted RAID you would have a reason to.

Site with easy to understand explanations of different RAID sets click here .

  SANTOS7 15:10 11 May 2004

click here more info here

Thanks guys, sorted it now!

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