RAID repair ~ this simple or am I day-dreaming?

  Christopher Lewis 15:48 29 Nov 2007

I had a RAID 5 setup with 4 drives, the controller being on-board chipset Intel P965. Data only, Windows XP running off a separate drive. In an absent minded moment I tried to update the chipset drivers. I lost my array, Windows just reporting a large, unformatted, Local Drive. Disk management reports a variety of unallocated disks.

So I unplugged the drives and completed the driver update. The machine now looks ready to set up another RAID array, but if I set one up using the old drives I will lose the data.

If I bought 4 drives the same as the old ones, set up an array with the same parameters, and then replaced the old drives into the machine, would I then get my data back intact? It seems logical, but anything can happen in the wacky world of computing!

The cost would be about the same as using a data recovery company, but at least I'd have some new hard drives spare at the end.


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