staples printer cartridge 11:41 26 Feb 2004

I am thinking about upgarding my motherboard and do not know what Raid is, what are its benefits etc. any help would be appreciated.

  leo49 11:51 26 Feb 2004

click here

Your friend Google has lots of info.

  Tog 11:57 26 Feb 2004

1. Improving access times for data stored on disks

2. Improving the security of your data so that if you lose one disk, you can rebuild it from the data on the others

3. A combination of both

Depends on the type of raid you want and how many disks your willing to buy

  staples printer cartridge 16:37 26 Feb 2004

is not really an issue and I only use one drive, with a slave for back up it would seem that this is not that critical for me.

Thnaks for the help

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