RAID 0 - which is disk 0 and which is disk 1?

  AdeJ 20:04 17 Apr 2008

Short version - have 2 SATA hard drives striped from a now-ex PC that Windows ruddy file-and-settings-transfer wizard missed all the email folders and address book from.

I want to pop them in the new PC and pull this data off but foolishly didnt label them as I'd planned on formatting them as standalone drives - is there a way to tell which is 0 and which is 1 or does it not actually matter anyway?

  Technotiger 20:24 17 Apr 2008

If you simply want to retrieve programs or data from the discs, I don't think it matters which is which.

  AdeJ 20:36 17 Apr 2008

Thanks - that was what I was hoping but didnt want to risk it till I checked..!

  [email protected] 20:37 17 Apr 2008

Doesn't matter - it's the same DATA on both.

  anskyber 20:46 17 Apr 2008

Raid 0?

The data is different data on each because it is shared between both discs. ie, each disc has half the data and is useless without the other.

  bremner 20:58 17 Apr 2008

A mirrored RAID is RAID 1 not RAID 0

RAID 0 is stripped and to be pedantic is not a RAID.
The R stands for redundant and there is no redundancy in RAID 0.

  Jim_F 21:00 17 Apr 2008

If these disks were configured as a RAID 0 then you will need to configure them as such to get any data from them - assuming the new controller can read them as RAID solutions can be picky.

I think this is trial and error but as RAID 0 alternates write sectors between the drives it will only work in one combination - or not at all !

  UncleP 22:37 17 Apr 2008

Unless the RAID controller in the new computer is virtually identical to that in the original, the chance of re-establishing a RAID0 array is small (if not zero). As I said only a week or so ago
click here , it is essential to back up every byte of useful information on a RAID0 system, basically because if it goes wrong (and it's much more fragile than a conventional computer) it is very difficult to recover data from what's left.

  AdeJ 08:28 18 Apr 2008

Thanks UncleP - I've no intention of using (R)AID 0 again it was just to squeeze a bit more speed out for video editting - time to dig out the backups..

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