RAID 0 Reliability

  Sion 13:20 13 Apr 2004

Hey all, need some feedback off any you folks out there who have installed RAID 0 setup on your machines. I'm interested in setting up a RAID 0 array on my macine, but am concerned as to the reliability, and the lifespan of the drives in this setup. I know that RAID 0 puts a mch bigger stress on the hard drives as it is constantly reading from both hard drives. If i do install a RAID array on my machine, can i expect to see my hard drives failing in 6 months, or am I reading too many techno-horror stories? I use my machine for gaming, downloading and video encoding. Any advice is greatly appreciated ! Cheers folks.

  arricarry 13:46 13 Apr 2004

Its true that you may double your chances of losing all data as if one drive fails all is lost. I don't think having a RAID puts any more strain on the drives if you use a sensible stripe size. I will not comment on a sensible stripe size, but I think there is enough information on line that will enable you to decide for yourself.

  stlucia 13:46 13 Apr 2004

click here for brief article on the pros and cons. It doesn't mention lifespan of the drives being a problem though, thinking about it, the drives are only in use when you're accessing data so their life shouldn't be any different than in a 'normal' setup.

In my opinion, I would steer clear of RAID 0 (and 1, I believe) because, as the reference says, if one drive goes down you've lost everything.

  arricarry 15:30 13 Apr 2004

If you have one drive and it goes down you have lost everything too. The reason for using raid is speed, if you stripe 2 x SATA 150 discs the transfer rates are really improved. If you are worried about lost data then use 4 discs in a RAID
O+1 array, then you will have a mirrored pair as a backup.

  stlucia 15:42 13 Apr 2004

I accept that, arricarry. But I think that some people believe that RAID automatically gives them some kind of security whereas, as you point out, it's only the more sophisticated setups that do that for you.

  Sion 15:49 13 Apr 2004

Sorry, i should have pointed out, i know about the security issues in RAID 0 setup, and if one drive goes dead, i am ultimately, scewed. Im just more interested in the lifespan of setting up a system. I;m not too concerned about security as i keep regular backups of my work and any important data. Thanks for the advice though.

Does anyone else have any testimonials as to the lifespan of a RADI 0 system?

  Rayuk 16:12 13 Apr 2004

Have[had] 2 IBM 30.7Gb deathstar hard drives in a system which I have passed on to my brother,they are still working ok after 2years.

I have 2 80Gb Maxtors in raid0 in one of my present pcs and have never had any trouble with them.

  Sion 17:53 13 Apr 2004

What stripe size do you use ray, out of interest. Nowhere on the web that I have looked seems to give a figure.

  Rayuk 18:43 13 Apr 2004

click here
I would do a little research and find out which would be best for you.

[Thats because Im not really sure what it was now]

  arricarry 09:52 14 Apr 2004

I have a RAID 0 setup, but it is only 2 months old, if you come back in ten years I will tell you if it is still working. On second thoughts at my age better make it five.

  Sion 21:35 15 Apr 2004

Sorry to bump this up, but does anyone who is logged on to the forum tonight have any expereince in RAID 0. interested in Life SPan of RAID 0, i know about the security issues (if one goes, im up t'nile without canoe). I've just heard hard drives in a RAID 0 setup don't last too long. Can anyone prove or rubbish this claim?? Please???

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