RAID 0 rebuild to retrieve data?

  Mysticnas 14:32 15 Nov 2007

Hi all,

Seems like I've got a major problem on my hands. I went away for a week and returned home to what seems like a dud pc.


My pc was born in 2001 and has evolved quite a bit since then. (trigger joke, same broom, but with 19 different handles and 10 different heads). It's still quite old however.
P4 3.06ghz
Gigabyte SiNXP1394 motherboard
2GB dual channel RAM
x-fi, dvd, cd, etc, etc....

300GB x 2 setup on the onboard ATA raid controller in RAID 0.
and mixture of other drives totalling upto 1.2TB.
Lately, over the past months the PC boots up and resets itself to default BIOS settings, and then reboots again. It was doing that more and more lately.


I came home turned on the PC (which no-1 else used) and found that it wouldn’t turn on. Eventually when it did power up it said it can’t find a system disk. At which point I though the drives had it. However, I rebooted and then it said hal.dll was missing. So i set about installing it via DOS bootup disk..... Problem, it didn’t recognise the OS drive (RAID drive). So i went to dig out the windows cd and try the repair mode via setup. Turned on the PC again..... wouldn’t turn on, the PSU blinked a couple of times and wailed then dies.
Right, it’s the PSU then? Tried a couple of spare PSU’s, by just plugging in the motherboard power, raid drives and graphics card. I powered on, it lit up for a second and then died again. I checked to see the PSU was working properly. My PSU had died. I checked by just plugging it into the mains alone (nothing attached) and it lit up for a second and then dies.

So my main priority is to get my wedding photo’s off the RAID setup. I have spare computers in the house that I can use, is there a way of getting the information off the drives considering they’re in RAID format?
I was wondering if there was a RAID emulation software or if i plugged them into another pc with a RAID controller?
Any help appreciated! :o)

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