Radio/CD player + wireless

  JerryH 07:30 28 Jul 2010

I know this is not really PC territory, but wonder if anyone can give advice.
I'm looking for a DAB radio/CD player (hopefully more elegant than those ghastly football-shaped things) capable of transmitting wirelessly to an auxiliary compact player which can be carried room-to-room elsewhere in the house. I do not want to have to load all my CDs on to a hard disc, just to physically load them. Also I want to avoid internet radio.
This seemingly mainstream need seems impossible to find a solution in my searches - any help would be much appreciated.

  Big L 266 08:43 28 Jul 2010


JerryH....I've never ever seen a combined dab radio/cd player much less one capable of wireless transmission. However, I believe there is a solution which might help but both will involve having to load cds into your computer.

You should 'rip' all your cds as WMA 'Lossless' to ensure the maximum sound quality in terms of future output. Your soundcard should have a speaker output. If it does, I would recommend a pair of FM headphones. The base unit acts as the transmitter and the headset acts as the receiver and, usually, has reasonably good reception over a large area. My own soundcard is an Asus Xonar D2X linked via the speaker output to a Sennheiser HDR 130 base unit which is then fed into the headset.

The alternative is to buy an internet wi-fi radio which could be linked to the computer to play sound files on your computer. That way a wireless router could be configured to link with an internet radio which can then be carried room-to-room as you suggest. You will still have to 'rip' the cds onto the computer for even this to work.

I would then suggest you 'rip' the cds to the free WinAmp and import all your cd files into this. (I have no liking for Windows Media Player sorry.) By creating your own playlists, you can feed it into either an FM headset with base unit, or run the feed into a wi-fi internet radio which supports WMA. If you feel ambitious you could add a small plug-in which would automatically mix the tracks and play them radio style. In either case, both will allow you the freedom to roam around your home and still listen to your music.

I hope my solution allbeit long-winded might help!

Big L 266

  JerryH 09:37 28 Jul 2010

Many thanks, Big L 266, for your detailed response! In fact I've found several DAB radios with incorporated CD player, usually ~£80. But never with the ability to transmit wirelessly to a portable speaker unit. Your suggestions I'll think through, but they have the drawbacks I'm trying to avoid if at all possible.

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