Radio Interference

  wee eddie 11:46 26 Mar 2009

My Home Build PC (Local Techie rode Shotgun to see that I made no glaring errors) tends to produce Interference with my little FM Radio (with its extendable aerial up)when it is within about 10 foot of it. Almost certainly coming from the Hard Drive.

Interestingly, my FM Tuner (with a di-pole aerial)which is closer, does not pick up any interference at all. Nor does the TV.

Any ideas for a simple solution.

  kindly 11:59 26 Mar 2009

Hi wee eddie,
this sounds like interfearence from an electricity source. Did you use a reputable power source for the computer. I cannot see anything else that would do this sort of thing in a computer.

  wee eddie 14:28 26 Mar 2009

when the Hard Drive is really working/thrashing, such as when a Scan is running, an Anti Virus or other Malware Program. Rarely during normal usage.

  johndrew 16:51 26 Mar 2009

Most electronic equipment will emit a `signal` which can be picked up by a radio. Electric motors are big culprits as those with brushes `spark` as they run.

In the case of a PC, I would suggest it is probably the HDD motors/reading heads or possibly fans - though these have synchronous motors (no brushes) generally. As you say, the harder you work motors the more likely you are to get a signal generated which you may pick up.

One way of negating the `noise` would be to put the PC inside a Faraday cage click here to block any emissions but this is likely to be impractical in a home environment. Another way would be to `harden` click here the PC and/or radio - again likely to be impractical.

Probably the best alternative is to move the radio/aerial away from the PC as the emissions are likely to be low power and hence will only be effective over a short distance.

  wiz-king 12:00 27 Mar 2009

If you have external speakers the leads tend to act as aerials and will radiate interference. Try unpluging them to see if it stops, if that is the problem a couple of turns of the leads round a ferrite bead will often cure it. click here

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