Radio interference?

  Ray5776 22:12 04 Mar 2009

Hi everyone,
bit of a strange question for this forum but hope you can help.
I will try to explain.
Lots of problems in the past with interference on the television, got top quality new aerial which is fine for terrestrial (I live in a good reception area anyway)
Have digiboxes for myself and the kids which seem to work when they feel like it but not always.
Recently installed automatic garage door opener with remote push button key fobs, now these normally work but not always,but the hardwire switch works everytime.
I live next door to an electric substation do you think this may be anything to do with this.
I welcome any comments or suggestions.
Not much I can do about it if it is radio interference but saves me wasting time looking at other options.


  Graham. 23:33 04 Mar 2009

I don't think the sub-station is the problem.

You can set the combination in the key fob and the control unit in the garage, try a different combination.

Did you install it yourself? Or a garage door company? It is possible there is a faulty component.

When I first had mine installed, I kept finding the garage door open in the morning. The control unit was replaced.

  octal 06:23 05 Mar 2009

There is something you can do about it. If as you say you are in a high signal strength area then you can report it to OFCOM, it seems like you have done everything you can to improve your signal reception.

It could be the substation, what type of substation is it? If it's the 11,000 volt type that usually just consist of a transformer, it's unlikely that that is the problem, but I wouldn't rule it out. If it's the type that you can see all the insulators then it is possible that it may cause interference if there is a fault with one of the insulators that are arcing. How is your Long and Medium wave and VHF reception?

  Ray5776 19:30 05 Mar 2009

Thanks to both of you for your replies, substation is just a transformer.
Today everything is working fine but does not always,
I hate the intermittent fault syndrome as hardest to solve.
VHF is ok not sure on long or med wave how can I check this.


  octal 19:33 05 Mar 2009

Don't you have a radio that covers Long and Medium wave Ray?

  Ray5776 23:57 05 Mar 2009

octal, no I don`t but one of the kids have and yes it works ok

  laurie53 09:20 06 Mar 2009

Any emergency service (Tetra) masts near you?

Tetra has quite a bad reputation in this respect and places like Maplin and CPC sell Tetra filters.

  Ray5776 12:55 08 Mar 2009

Hi again,
I don`t know what a Tetra mast is but I don`t see any masts around. What is a tetra filter? if you think it will help I can get one from local Maplins.

  laurie53 18:41 08 Mar 2009

Tetra is the radio system used by the police.

Don't know the details, try Google or Wiki, but I do know it can cause interference to non-Tetra signals, and I know that filters are available to stop this interference.

  octal 18:50 08 Mar 2009

Ray, I have been rereading you post again and if I've got it straight then receiving analogue terrestrial television works OK? But it's the digi boxes that are causing the problems. What exactly are the problems? Is the picture breaking up in a mosaic pattern?

  Ray5776 14:13 09 Mar 2009

Hi octal,
the digi stick that I use on my PC does now not function at all, I have concluded that it is faulty and ordered a replacement. My wife uses a digibox on the downstairs TV which works fine. Kids have occasional break up of the picture as you describe or "no signal" message on screen.

What puzzles me most here is that the remotes for the garage door keep failing to work usually at weekends for some reason.


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