Radio interferance on BT Broadband telephone line.

  Ex.Airways 00:13 25 Nov 2006

Signed up for BT Broadband, and at first did not work, DSL light on BT Voyager 210 router not lit at all. BT engineers found a problem and replaced underground cable somewhere between my house and the local exchange 3Km distant. On trying to connect after this repair DSL light flashed for a few seconds then went solid green and hurra connected to ISP no problems until about 6PM every evening since when DSL light flashed till about midnight when all was OK again. Eventually BT engineers came out again and found that there was radio interferance on line. They said interferance was Wi Fi radio frequency and traced interferance to neighbours Belkin Wi Fi modem/router. Asked neighbour to switch it off and my DSL light went steady and started flashing again as soon as neighbours Belkin Wi Fi switched back on. BT asked neighbour to get his Belkin checked out but said it worked fine for him so hard cheese. BT then said there was not much else they could do and recommended that an RF trap is fitted to filter out rogue Wi Fi interfarance.
Anyone got any similar experience or know where to buy and fit this RF trap?

  Dipso 00:56 25 Nov 2006

AFAIK you can't buy these filters. Only BT can fit them. They're called RF3 filters it seems.

I'm just wondering whether it would be worth you trying an active filter first, something like click here

Have you optimized your internal telephone wiring click here as this could improve your signal to noise ratio and depending on the results, possibly prevent the disconnections.

Other than that, all I can suggest is trying a different router as they are known to produce varying line stats between manufacturers.

I have heard of interference caused by neighbours electrical equipment, but never neighbours ADSL euqipment so this is quite unusual.

Are BT not willing to fit this filter, even though I may be at cost to you?

  Ex.Airways 10:03 25 Nov 2006

Hi Dipso,
Installation as per your click here example 3 and has been checked by BT engineers who said ther were no faults with the line or installation.
BT Broadband help did not offer to install RF Filter but said I should get a local computer engineer to install one but did not recommend part number or sourse of suitable filter.
I have also tried various other ADSL filters which seem to be designed to filter out interferance on the phone audible frequencies rather than the 2.4Ghz interferance I have.
I have asked Belkin for advice but have had no response.
BT seem to have given up and said I should negotiate with my neighbour to overcome problem.
Any further advice would be appreciated.
Ex. Airways.

  Dipso 15:51 25 Nov 2006

Are you on the up to 8 Meg product? If so, what speed do you connect at?

I'm just wondering whether you could get around the problem by forcing a router (you wouldn't be able to do this with your current one though) to connect at a lower speed thus making your signal to noise ratio higher and possibly maintaining the connection when it would otherwise have dropped. However it all depends on the quality of your connection and if you have any scope for adjustment.

Ironically the Belkin 7633 has the ability to tweak the noise margin as does the BT Home Hub and some of the Speedtouch models with the aid of a software tool.

Can you find your line stats from the router i.e the connection speed, the downstream SNR and the downstream attenuation. Your exact router model isn't listed here but you could try the procedure for the other BT models click here

Although BT have found no faults on the line or installation, the ring wire may still be connected to terminal 3 of your removeable master socket faceplate and any other extensions you have, this can be a source of interference in itself and is not required.

  spuds 17:43 25 Nov 2006

There is no such thing a 'hard cheese' as far as the telecommunications act is concerned. Contact the Office of Communications on 0845 456 3000 and see if they can offer advice and help.

  [email protected] 00:21 26 Nov 2006

spuds is correct, if someone else's equipment is causing interference he can be made to shut it down, if he refuses it could be confiscated.

Don't put up with this and do as spuds suggests we had a similar case with high powered radio equipment used by a radio ham in our neighbourhood some years ago (wasn't computer related though) and in the end because the owner would not co-operate his equipment was confiscated and he go a heafty fine.

  Dipso 00:38 26 Nov 2006

OFCOM weren't that interested in this case click here however there are other suggestions to try.

  spargo 12:20 26 Nov 2006

You could try a ferrite ring on your modem/router cable click here

This could be a simple solution.

  Ex.Airways 20:59 27 Nov 2006

Dear All,
thanks for many helpfull replies.
To the person who asked about speed, 2Mb and it is usually 1.6/1.8Mb except of course when neighbour is online.
To the person who suggested ferrite There is a large Maplins in Glasgow and I will investigate this next time I am in town
To the person who suggested forcing neighbour to change modem. BT Broadband advised that they could not bring pressure to bear on neighbour to stop interferance.(Surprised me)
The only other thing that I would ask is although BT sent a Home hub to replace Voyager 210 router I am connected to the home hub by ethernet cable would going wireless myself help?

  wee eddie 22:41 27 Nov 2006

My suggestion is to contact you neighbour and thank him.

Saying that you have now bought a similar router to him and are going to cancel your "bt" subscription as you are now able to pick up his network and use that!

  Dipso 09:24 28 Nov 2006

Going wireless yourself would not solve the problem for could always hope that it would interfere with your neighbours connection though and he could get a taste of his own medicine!

wee eddie - Lol!

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