Radio Codes

  muscic lover 09:03 02 Feb 2006

Last week my car battery finally died on me (after I left the lights on - doh!) and when i replaced the battery my car radio code was displyed.... and I hav elost the code.

I google searched for the code ad all I got returned was site after site offering to sell me the code answer.

Do any of you know where i Can get the code for free?? My car is a Ford Mondeo, and the code number it is asking is IM34868.

Any ideas??

If you can help.... I'd be happy again


  MidgetMan 09:10 02 Feb 2006

take into a ford garage, they will reset it (small charge) or failing that try yell, lots of small garages etc offer the service. Cost me a fiver last time I had to do it, but they also reset it to a number i could remember.

  Fingees 10:29 02 Feb 2006

If you go to a Ford main dealer with proof of ownership. ie Reg documents.
The code will be registered on the main ford computer.

There may be a small charge.

Otherwise it means a new chip, which isn't cheap.

Good luck

  Fingees 10:32 02 Feb 2006

PS forgot to say, next time don't remove battery, recharge whilst still connected.

Both AA and RAC DO a Jump start for you so you can at least get started.

All the best.

  SANTOS7 11:12 02 Feb 2006

your radio code is related to the VIN of your car take it to a dealer they will type your VIN to one of their computers and if your lucky, for free they will give you the four digit code which you can then write down safe in the knowledge that if it happens again you have it to hand....
P.S did exactly the same with a rover i had it took them all of 15 seconds, happy days, good luck...

  De Marcus™ 11:17 02 Feb 2006

click here costs a fiver if you can't get one free elsewhere

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