Radio 2 web site locks up

  dusters 17:51 17 Nov 2008

Since the Radio 2 web site changed recently, every time I attempt to access the site IE6 locks up completely and I have to use Task Manager to close it down again. I tried accessing the site with Firefox and got further but as soon as I try to 'Listen Again' to a program Firefox crashes. Can anyone help? I am missing Paul Jones' brilliant program!!!
I am using XP Media Centre Edition and have Realplayer installed.

  octal 18:00 17 Nov 2008

I have just tried it and it seems to be working OK for me, I'm using Firefox on Linux, so it might be a Windows thing. Sorry I can't point you in the right direction, at least you know the site is working OK.

  dusters 19:16 17 Nov 2008

Thanks for that. I can listen to live radio via Realplayer, it is just the web site and listening again that I have problems with.

  octal 19:39 17 Nov 2008

I listen to it using the BBC Iplayer rather than Real Player click here

I'm not sure if that has any bearing on it.

  dusters 19:08 18 Nov 2008

I do use iplayer to 'listen again' but I quite often can't get past the Radio 2 home page. Everything locks up, I cannot refresh the page or even close it down without using task manager. I did not have these problems before they re-vamped their web site. Oddly enough I tried it tonight and it worked OK.

Thanks for your input.

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