RADEON X800 GTO (0x5D4F)

  L o s t 21:59 02 Oct 2006

Hi everyone. The title shows what "Device" I have. It's quite a good piece of hardware, but I keep hearing everywhere that it can be overclocked.....? Is this true, and if so how do I go about overclocking it?

Thanks in advance.

  STREETWORK 22:08 02 Oct 2006

If its working fine, leave it as is. Overclocking is for the experts and can cause problems if you are not sure with what your doing...

But if you feel the need to overclock, use google to search for software by typing

overclock RADEON X800 GTO

into google..

  L o s t 22:12 02 Oct 2006

It is working fine, but the graphics for one of my games could be better and I'm wanting to push it a little further...?

  gudgulf 22:14 02 Oct 2006

Do you simply meam overclocking,or do you mean BIOS modding to a higher spec (such as X800XT)?

click here

Only certain model are capable of being modded easily.Most X800GTOs aren't.

For simple overclocking by raising the core/memory clock speeds then click here

More onfo on overclocking your card and what to expect if you do click here

Be carefull though.....overclocking generates serious heat and you may need to upgrade the cards cooler.

It will also consume more power so be sure your psu is up to it.

You could also damage the card if you overdo it.

  woodchip 22:16 02 Oct 2006

I think Ati supply software to do it. But it may not be a Ati card athough it is a Ati Radion chip

  NoobSaibot 22:42 02 Oct 2006

ATI tray tools are pretty good for overclocking, although exercise extreme caution and do it at your own risk.

click here

I have overclocked several cards with no problems, a good cooler combined with good knowledge about your card is essential.

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