Radeon PCI (9250) Graphics card

  kalstras 09:53 17 Apr 2007

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find out what power supply is needed for this graphics card. It is only PCI not PCI-E. 128mb.

My Computer only has a 200watt supply.

I run a winXP, 1GB RAM, 1.8GHZ Celeron, CD + DVD Writers, with 1 x 40GB main and 200GB Slave drives. with 48MB Shared graphics atm.

  scotty 10:59 17 Apr 2007

I have fitted one of these to a Dell Dimension 3000. Not sure what the rating of the power supply is but Dell are not generous!

200watt is not a lot. It may depend on what else it has to power. You already have two hard drives and two CD/DVD drives so I would be concerned. Do you have space to replace the power supply? Is your power supply a standard size?

  kalstras 11:42 17 Apr 2007

not sure, not really happy though, if i have to replace my power supply, wehre does this money pit end? You just cant go out an buy stuff and put it on anymore, it always leads to a financial trail of expense after expense. UGH!!!

I need to contact HP and find out, may also just cut my losses and buy a new tower :(



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