Radeon drivers, PC Advisor, PC Nextday & Zoostorm?

  dmellis 12:29 29 Jul 2007

I have a Zoostorm T7200 2Ghz Vista laptop with 2Mg memory and with a ATI Mobility Radion X1600 graphics. I bought this laptop based largely on the strength of the reviews in PC Advisor. I bought it from PC Nextday, who seem to be the only people who distribute Zoostorm PCs.

I have had some trouble running certain software that I know works fine on other Vista laptops - but they are based on nVidea graphics. I have tried to update my ATI graphics drivers but this has proved almost impossible.

ATI's support side says that "Currently AMD does not provide any driver support for Mobility Radeon™ products. All driver and technical support for Mobility Radeon products is provided by the original laptop or notebook manufacturer." But a search of PC Nextday's website shows no trace of any Radeon drivers, either.

I have always had a high regard for PC Advisor's Test Centre and reviews of the latest hardware. Now,I'm beginning to wonder why it is that PC Advisor is the only magazine to recommend Zoostorm/PC Nextday, where all the other PC magazines don't even mention them. Can someone please clarify their relationship with PC Nextday? And how exactly am I supposed to get my drivers updated?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:36 29 Jul 2007

click here

click here seems to have the drivers after 30 seconds of google searching.

I'm sure that you know that any problem with drivers lies with the card manufacturer and not the maker of the computer.


  Will Hs 12:41 29 Jul 2007

I've found quite a few other posts re. problems with PC Nextday / Zoostorm. I'm considering buying a Zoostorm laptop, but I'm a bit concerned about the problems others are having with them.

Not sure about getting the drivers updated, sorry. There's a tel. no. for support / customer service on one of the other threads (under 'Consumer Watch' I think).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:52 29 Jul 2007

PC Nextday / Zoostorm do not make the graphics cards so it is not really their fault that the drivers are not updated.


  dmellis 13:56 29 Jul 2007

Thanks for trying Gandalf, but the link you gave me is for their normal grapgics drivers and not the Radeon Mobility drivers for laptops. I found those after 30 seconds of Google searching. :)

The quote I gave about ATI/AMD not suporting their Mobility Drivers comes from their own website.

Yes, I realise that there are 2 things here. One is the Radeon Mobility driver update, the other is the "PC Advisor, PC Nextday, Zoostorm" connections. I thought I would save time by rolling them up into one subject but maybe that was a mistake.

  I am Spartacus 14:16 29 Jul 2007

I use Omega drivers on my desktop system and the site does mention compatability with Mobility Radeons (M6 and up)

click here

  I am Spartacus 14:17 29 Jul 2007

Sorry, just noted that you're running Vista. I'm not sure the Omega drivers work on that.

  dmellis 15:15 29 Jul 2007

No, Omega don't support Vista, so I'm still stumped when it comes to getting updates.

  I am Spartacus 16:38 29 Jul 2007

Mobility Modder from click here might be of help. However it seems to be beta but your card is listed.

  dmellis 16:37 21 Aug 2007

Thanks, Spartacus, your tips paid off. DriverHeaven.net confirmed my suspicions of having been cut adrift by both the hardware and software producers. I followed the instructions on DriverHeaven, downloaded the mods and installed their drivers. Success!! My graphics packages have all burst into life after previously crashing and hanging. Best of all, I can now download all the latest updates as they become available on DriverHeaven. Many thanks again.

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