Radeon 9800 pro AIW Clock Speeds

  colinm2 15:13 17 Apr 2005

I am setting up my mother board on a new PC and am looking for some help with MHz settings.

I know the RAMDAC is 400MHz but am not sure of the memory speed. The graphics engine clock has options of 100, 133, 166 and 200MHz but defaults to 133. Given that it is a 400MHz RAMDAC should this be set to 200?

The GUI memory clock has options of 133, 166, 183 and 200MHz, it defaults to 183, I have no idea what to set this at.

  Technotiger 15:33 17 Apr 2005

Hi, unfortunately I am not an expert in these matters, but - why not go with the default settings and see how it works out. No doubt these settings could be changed at a later date if necessary.

If I am completely off-track, I am sure someone else here will soon come in and say so.

Cheers and good luck.

  DieSse 15:41 17 Apr 2005

Re your graphics card here are the outline specs. click here

I wouldn't be touching the settings for the graphics card personally - if you try to run it at non-standard settings, it will invalidate the warranty.

I can't see how the specs relate to the figures you've given.

  colinm2 20:25 17 Apr 2005

Dont know what the settings should be and how they relate to the numbers given.

  DieSse 20:46 17 Apr 2005

Normally you would not set up any parameters for a graphics card. Just load the drivers and away you go. It will automatically be set to the standard settings.

I have never set up or adjusted a graphics card settings, as far as clock and memory goes, in my life. Therer simply is no need to.

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