Radeon 9250

  wednesday 13 10:22 22 Dec 2005

I am having great difficulty installing the card.

PC 1. I connected it up fine but the PC won't recognise it or install the cardfrom disc as the message:

'16 bit Windows Subsystem
C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\S32EVNT1.DLL. An installable Virtual Device Driver failed Dll initialization. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.'

PC 2. I connected it up fine again and it installed great but I can't get the moniter working on the card. a mesage comes up to enable the monitor on the display in control panel but it just switches itself off.

could you please help me on either of these problems?

  scotty 11:07 22 Dec 2005

Is the card compatible with the pc? Is it PCI, AGP or PCI express?

Note that there are two types of AGP slot which provide different voltages to the graphics card.

  badhair1963 11:08 22 Dec 2005

click here might help with your first problem.

  wednesday 13 11:18 22 Dec 2005

It is an AGP 8X. I only have one slot for it

  anthonym 11:30 22 Dec 2005

When you power up the PC do you get the BIOS screen or is the monitor dead?

If it is dead you could try resetting the CMOS settings on your motherboard and see what happens (just whip the battery out of its holder for a few seconds or find the CMOS reset jumper)

  wednesday 13 19:51 25 Dec 2005

the graphics card is working but that message still pops up when i try to install from disc

  Cybermaxx 20:14 25 Dec 2005

Which gpu were you using before this 9250? Did you uninstall it, or if you were using integrated graphics, did you disable it?

  Slithe 20:22 25 Dec 2005

Symantec - do you have Norton Anti-Virus or any Norton Software installed? If you do, then try turning Norton off, as this may be the cause of the problem.

Symantec makes Norton, and the system files are placed in that directory. Norton is a pain in the arse. As Wednesday 13 states, your card is fine, you wouldn't see anything otherwise.

If you can't prevent the problem even if you do switch off Norton, I'd consider uninstalling it - search for how to do that in this forum, a link to a programme that will do it for you is posted on the Symantec website.

Obviously, before you do this, I'd download something like AVG or Avast and a Zone Alarm Firewall to protect your PC. Then uninstall Norton, disconnect the Internet connection, then install the new AV software, plug in the Internet cable again, update the new software and then install the card.

Hope this helps.

  wednesday 13 20:22 25 Dec 2005

I was using integrated graphics and seemed to disable itself

  wednesday 13 20:25 25 Dec 2005

I had notan anti-virus 2003 but had major problems with it and tried un-installing it but parts are still on the system and won't budge

  Slithe 20:33 25 Dec 2005

I know your frustration, Norton is a major pain in the backside, both to use and to uninstall. Took a full format and wipe of the hard-drive plus a reinstallation of XP to do the trick.

Here is a link from symantec on how to remove NAV 2003 completely

click here

If not, then a full wipe

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