Radeon 9250 128mb

  Jen.T 16:41 09 Aug 2006

I'm looking for a new graphics card, and have seen the Radeon 9250 going for a reasonable price. Basically, i wanted to know if it's any good.
I don't know much about them, and the blurb on them just confuses me haha.

Thanks a lot!

Jen x

  andrew-196854 16:50 09 Aug 2006

it depends on what you want to play whats your budget?

  Jen.T 16:57 09 Aug 2006

I want it to play most of the new games that are around at the moment. Sims, Land of the dead. That business.
Budget = As little as i can haha.

I'm an uber poor student! :P

  andrew-196854 17:08 09 Aug 2006

so you must have a price in mind ? are you agp or pci e ?

  Jen.T 17:11 09 Aug 2006

Well, i don't really want to spend more than 50, that narrows it down hehe.
The one i have now is AGP

  andrew-196854 17:17 09 Aug 2006

if you want my opinion i would go for this as the radeon 9250 is fairly old and dated now click here

  Stuartli 17:28 09 Aug 2006

I have this particular brand of ATi's Radeon 9550 256MB card:

click here

Does all I require and still manages to run the madonion benchmark tests (although not quite as fast as some much more expensive offerings!)

  Jen.T 17:39 09 Aug 2006

Thanks very much for your help, found one i'm gunna go for!

Thank you!

  andrew-196854 17:57 09 Aug 2006

which is ?

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