Radeon 9200 Graphics Card

  geedad 15:13 11 Dec 2009

Is a TV Tuner built into the ATI Graphics card, Radeon 9200?

  Why wont it work 16:21 11 Dec 2009

There isn't a TV Tuner built into the standard Radeon 9200. There is one built into the special 'Radeon 9200 All-in-Wonder' version though. Hope that helps.

  GaT7 17:28 11 Dec 2009

As Wwiw says, click here. G

  VOT Productions 18:55 11 Dec 2009

N O!

Radeon 9200 All-in-Wonder as Why wont it work says:

Has a TV tuner!

But don't use this, it'll be worse than a normal USB/PC Card TV Tuner

  geedad 19:50 11 Dec 2009

Thanks,Why wont it work,Crossbow7 and PChelper.
Good info, as usual"

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