R300 printer -persuade it to accept JetTec ink

  Trikie 13:40 30 Oct 2008

I have been using JetTec inks in both my Epson printers for several years and once I tell the warning screen that I want to continue after loading a new one they work perfectly.

Until now. The R300 refuses to recognise a replacement black ink - is there any way I can over-ride this?

  The Brigadier 14:18 30 Oct 2008

Try using Epson Ink cartridges?

  Peter 15:35 30 Oct 2008


I assume the cartridge is chipped. If you have a chip reseter you could try resetting the chip on an the cartridge, carefully prising it off and fixing it to the new cartridge in place of the chip already on it. Be careful not to break off any of the little plastic pins that hold the chip in place and try not to touch the electrical connections on the chip. Grounding yourself before and during the operation would also be a good idea.


  Peter 15:38 30 Oct 2008

Sorry, the word "old" was missing in the second sentence above.

The first part of the second sentence should read "If you have a chip reseter you could try resetting the chip on an the old cartridge"


  Stuartli 15:51 30 Oct 2008

Have you seen the price for a full set of R200/300 genuine Epson inkjet cartridges?

Not far short of the original price of the printer...:-)

The IC chip is on the back of the cartridge(s).

  Stuartli 16:49 30 Oct 2008

I SSC SU installed for use with my R300 but, because I leave the printer switched on permanently, I don't (touch wood) get any problems.

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