R u having probs with Pipex/talk talk today?

  [email protected] 10:31 29 Aug 2011

I have no internet this morning. I have a local wireless network and the phone line is working. I have replaced the lead to the phone line and also the filter. I went into the router set up but it says there is no internet connection. Can anyone offer any advice pls? Thanks! Btw sending this on phone & this is my 5th attempt to post so replies from me will be slow!

  sunnystaines 11:21 29 Aug 2011

talktalk running very well today here in sunny staines. I always go into the local carphonewarehouse shop and get them to phone up and sort it out.

I get too frustrated with their dreadful indian call centre

  lotvic 11:24 29 Aug 2011

There seem to be a few ongoing problems on their http://www.talktalk.co.uk/service-status/ page. Several exchanges have no phone as well as no internet.

  sunnystaines 13:05 29 Aug 2011


handy link, bookmarked.

  spuds 15:02 29 Aug 2011

Perhaps just an exchange problem,so I would check with TalkTalk if the problem remains. Consider though, that it can take TalkTalk 24/48 hours for a repair request (not rectification) with BT engineers.

My connection and exchange seems okay. Working as normal.

But perhaps worth a mention, a few months ago I received a sudden TalkTalk disconnection to the broadband service, but not the telephone service, and on checking with TalkTalk I was informed that I had been disconnected for not paying my previous months bill. Considering that their billing department had both my debit and credit card details, and had collected previously without problems, this became a mystery, until it became noticable that many other subscribers had received the same 'non bill payment' treatment. Ofcom have now 'advised' TalkTalk this will not be tolerated, and heavy fines might be issued!.

  [email protected] 15:49 29 Aug 2011

thank-u all. it's back on again now!

  Housten 11:08 30 Aug 2011

Good morning,

I recently updated IE8 to 9, and have had all sorts of problems with tiscali web mail. After many emails - every one with a different person!! - I have received an email which advises me to go back to IE8 because they have now, at long last and some weeks - finally admitted that IE9 is not compatible. The problems I have had are a slow cursor - by that I mean when typing a 'reply' but not otherwise the cursor moved every 2 seconds or so and by the time you have typed 3 or 4 lines it takes the cursor a long time to catch up, but no characters are typed on the screen until the cursor has caught up!! - and the headings at the top of the in box - compose, delete, etc., - moved to the bottom! The slow cursor has, well almost, been repaired but the upside down has not!, And what's more they have no idea when it will be! If it wasn't that my email address is so widely spread I would leave them, but a great many problems would erupt, and being a bit lazy I can't be bothered with the resulting chaos.

  Palinka2 15:44 30 Aug 2011

I had 6 or so years with Pipex without problems until Jan this year when suddenly they left me without an internet connection of any kind. 3 MONTHS later their Indian staff were no nearer to finding a solution , & were still talking of "escalating ..the problem to the highest level" & letters to Pipex had no effect. So I asked for a MAC code & left. I immediately took the precaution of cancelling my direct debit as well and though I had to battle to get their debt collectiion dept to accept that I had not paid during such & such a period because they had provided me with nothing during that time, they eventually signed me off and even gave me a £5 refund (tho not until 4 months later). I feel that Pipex began to go downhill when they were taken over by Talk Talk.

This doesn't help your problem, but it may be a useful warning. Keep a note of ALL communication with Pipex - it may be handy as evidence later.

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