"n" wifi router

  drwm 12:40 26 Jan 2012

This is my first post so bear with me. I bought a new router to take advantage of the 'n' technology. The new router is a Draytek 2710n. The router works fine if it is within 5m of the router and no walls in between. However put a wall between the router and my laptop (Sony Vaio VPCEH) and the connection continually drops out.

I reset the new router to use the 'g' technology only and everything works fine.

My understanding was that 'n' was a stronger signel than 'g' and more reliable, so can someone advise me where I am going wrong or is 'n' not as good as it's supposed to be.


  daxian 13:22 26 Jan 2012

hi ... new router may be N ,but the laptop is still G. you will need to upgrade to N on the laptop. Dave

  northumbria61 13:33 26 Jan 2012

Try updating Network Adapter via Device Manager.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:28 26 Jan 2012

"my laptop (Sony Vaio VPCEH).."

What's the full model number for your laptop? I've done a Google using the partial model number you've provided and the results all point to recent products.

"My understanding was that 'n' was a stronger signel than 'g' and more reliable...."

You're correct there. Wireless N offers greater range and faster speeds but you only get those benefits when the computer's wireless adapter is also N-compatible. Get back to use with the question I asked above and we can take it from there.

  drwm 15:14 26 Jan 2012

Full model is VPCEH1L8E/B. Have tried to update wifi adapter with device manager and I am told latest driver installed......driver version The network adapter is Atheros AR9285. Computer works when only n selected on router so must have n capability???


  Secret-Squirrel 15:48 26 Jan 2012

"Full model is VPCEH1L8E/B."

Thanks for that. As you're probably already aware, your laptop's adapter will work fine with the N standard so there's no need to get another adapter.

There's clearly something wrong somewhere as you shouldn't be having those problems with wireless N.

Following on from northumbria61's post, there's an adapter driver available here on the Sony Support site. It doesn't mention your problem in the "What does it fix?" section but you should try it anyhow.

If that doesn't help then we need to know whether it's your router or laptop that's playing up. Do you have a friend who has a wireless N-compatible netbook/laptop who can visit you and see how they get on?

Another thought is that you could log into the router and change its wireless channel number to one that's as far away as possible from the current one.

  drwm 16:57 26 Jan 2012

Hi Secert-Squirrel have already tried changing the channel without success. The adapter driver available on the Sony support site is the same one which is already in the laptop. Seeing a friend this Saturday so will check out his pc and let you know the outcome. Thanks for your help in the mean time. Cheers drwm

  drwm 20:21 30 Jan 2012

Tried the router with another laptop and it worked fine in all the rooms in the house whereas my laptop kept dropping out. So will need to see if I can get Currys to look at my laptop. Thanks all for your help. drwm

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