"No bootable device. Hit any key." Error on my windows 8 Acer M5 laptop upon start up

  ac578 00:58 04 Feb 2014

So to start off i am not very great with computers so i dont know much about this issue but throughout many attempts i have not been able to fix this. i have an Acer M5-581T laptop with windows 8.1 (windows 8 was already installed when this laptop was bought) and has been running fine since i recieved it. Last night I accidentaly dropped the the right hand side of my computer about 2 or 3 inches but no more. i didnt think anything of it until this morning when i tried to start up my computer and was successful until when i tried to open an application on my desktop and my computer froze. Also when i started up my computer i heard a scratching or cracking sound in the right hand side and this continued for the nect couple times i tried to restart my computer. So, after it froze I restarted my computer just by holding the power button and upon turning it on again after the Acer start up screen i got the message "No bootale device. Hit any key." in a blue box. Hitting any key did nothing obviously. After some research i was able to press F2 and open up BIOS but with messing around with the settings and even changing in secure mode from UEFI and Legacy BIOS doesn't seem to work. Pressing control+alt+delete doesnt help, it only restarts my laptop. Ive read other forums about this but none of the soltuions there seem to help. i havent really done anything like try to change my laptop from windows 8 to windows 7 so it is still windows 8.1. Please if anyone has anything they think i missed or that could help please! any advice on this is greatly appreciated!!!

p.s. I have now opened up my laptop thinking that maybe my hard drive became loose when i had dropped it about 2 inches but everything seemed to be fine. if there is a problem it must be inside the hard drive not something as simple as it being loose. I also have been wondering if this could possibly be a virus? I generally have no clue at this point so please help i really need my laptop for school!!!

  onthelimit1 08:48 04 Feb 2014

From your description, it does sound as though the drop has damaged the hard drive (the scratching noises you describe shout this). However, it is still worth removing then replacing the hard drive (rather than just a visual inspection) in case the connections have been displaced. If no go, you may be able to retrieve data from it by plugging it into a caddy on another machine - depends what the fault is as the whether this will work or not.

  ac578 14:34 04 Feb 2014

Okay, i think i will check the hard drive again and really give it another good look, if not i will consider trying to reboot a few more times and then look into new hard drives. Thank you for your response!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 04 Feb 2014

Remove - refit to remake the connections and retry to boot you may be lucky

however if its making unusual noise then it could be damaged beyond repair and the only way is to fit a new drive and restore from the DVDs you should have made when first getting the laptop.

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