MikeyT 18:45 24 Apr 2004

The monitor on my kids PC has an obvious illness similar to Parkinson's Disease as the display seems to quiver and shake..... not so badly to not see things but enough to annoy. It is a plug and play monitor and i have tried to update the drivers but the one installed (win XP) is the most recent. Any ideas????

No offence is meant to sufferers of Parkinson's and they have my utmost sympathy.

  Djohn 18:50 24 Apr 2004

Do you have anything magnetic near the monitor? Speakers/Lamp (especially the low voltage ones)/ Transformers of any kind. If so move them slightly further away and it should cure the shake. j.

  jimv7 19:00 24 Apr 2004

Up the resolution.

  Djohn 19:10 24 Apr 2004

jimv7. Don't you mean the refresh?

  jimv7 19:12 24 Apr 2004

True Djohn, slip of the fingers.

  Wes Tam ;-) 19:31 24 Apr 2004

Does he ensure that the monitor comes on first?

  Djohn 19:44 24 Apr 2004

You have still to beat mine of last week! Where I recommended using a new graphic card in the "AVG" slot! ;o)

  Lionheart ? 22:42 24 Apr 2004

Thanks for the tip, just bought a Lamp for my desk, wondered why the monitor display was shaking, never thought of the lamp :)

  daba 00:58 25 Apr 2004

Hows this for a monitor shaker...
click here?
sorry FE

On a more serious note, the shadow mask in most modern monitors is susceptible to both vibration and magnetic field influences.

My speaker system 'woofer' is on my 'workstation' shelf, and causes some monitor 'shake' while music is loud.

Similarly, I had to move a USB hub plug-top power supply further away from the monitor as it was causing the 'wobbles'.

My guess - the lamp was a 12V halogen bulb, with a badly shielded transformer in the lamp base?

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