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  duplo 12:25 01 Apr 2003

I am unsing my fathers PC which which is very quiet. Mine sounds like its about to take off. I have therefor decided that its time for a dose of quietPC.com.

I think think the two parts of my PC that need some noise reduction are the PSU and the CPU heatsink fan... My graphics card also has a fan but I cant work out if its generating much noise. I know that quiet PC do a fanless heatsink for the Graphics Card, but would that cover overclocking (its a gainward Ti4200 which allows me to run in 'enhanced' mode, which I do occassionlaly, although I am not an ardent gamer).

I dont want to spend a fortune, they offer a bundle, wich has a PSU,CPU,HD Cover,

  duplo 12:28 01 Apr 2003

Its called there 'hush kit'. I dont think I need a HD cover, or a MOBO Quiet Fan...

Would a CPU Fan and PSU make a difference? I really gets on my nerves nowadays!!


  Paranoid Android 13:06 01 Apr 2003

It all depends where the noise is coming from.

Sorting out the CPU fan first will usually give an instant and dramatic improvement. From there on you will find it easier to tell where the noise is coming from. Listening through a cardboard tube will help identify the noise hot-spots.

Ultra quiet PSUs are very good (I refuse to use the word 'silent'), mine is from enermax and it has one variable speed fan and one thermal sensing fan.

Graphics card fans can be irritating due to the high rpm but this can be expensive to cure, and I would definitely avoid overclocking a 'silenced' system.

A silent hard disk caddy can make more difference than you would expect, but only when the rest of the PC is silenced.

My system is so quiet that you can only hear the two hard disks, and this is only because they are in standard removable caddy drives. The sound produced is a quiet purr. My setup is :

92mm CPU fan with Zalman copper flower cooler, controlled with Zalman fanmate controller

92mm case fan with Zalman fanmate controller and thermal sensing override. The exhaust fan blowhole was opened out to 92mm and a chrome grille fitted.

Fan removed from northbridge (sufficient Northbridge and RAM cooling is provided by the 92mm CPU fan)

Upgraded solid copper Gf4 cooler on graphics card with fan speed reduced by a resistance wire.

Enermax 'silent' PSU 350W (2 fans)

100mm blowhole in bottom of case (grille but no fan) and 76mm blowhole in front of case, behind fascia (grille but no fan)- these to allow unimpeded inlet of cool air.

I hope this helps.


  duplo 13:18 01 Apr 2003

Sounds like a "whisper" dream machine. I am on a budget at the moment, so I think I will start off with a CPU and PSU unit, and then start weading out the other noise sources as finances come more prominant...

I dont have a case fan at the moment, but I may well get one, a little more cool air moving about the case will help!


  Paranoid Android 14:14 01 Apr 2003

Buying the individual components as you need them should be cheaoer than getting the hush kit, because you may not need all the parts.

Another good place to look for quiet fans and decent heatsinks is click here

I am a fan (please excuse the sad pun).

I rate Papst fans very highly.


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