l1ndy 22:50 10 May 2004

when i clicked on the quicktime player icon in all programs windows started to search for it with the little torch & put up missing shortcut..when i tried the updater it put up a message saying..information from the quicktime server is invalid..so i decided to downoad the latest version..when it had downloaded & i went to install it said couldnt be installed cause old version bein used by another program..so i tried to uninstall the old version even though windows said it was missing & it put up cant be uninstalled cause in use by another program..so how do i get a quicktime player & delete the old player that is missing & how do i find out which program is using the missing old one..i never installed quicktime in the first place it was just on the computer after setup of xp
thank you

  hugh-265156 23:38 10 May 2004

right click the start button and click explore.

have a look in C:\program files and look for the quicktime folder.is it showing here?

in that folder look for quicktimeplayer.exe click it.does it open or give the same message? if still getting an error try safe mode and try to uninstall it.

restart the computer and keep tapping F8 or f5 and select safe mode from the list.

try uninstalling via add remove progs here.delete any folders left behind after install.then restart in normal mode and install you downloaded veresion.


  l1ndy 01:59 11 May 2004

ok huggy..found the quicktime in programs like u said & i was able to delete that..then clicked uninstall in the all programs section & it uninstalled it from there..next i went to add/remove programs but it was still in there..so i clicked on remove & am now given an option to uninstall which leaves the quicktime still in add/remove area..if i want it out of there it says this will remove quicktime system extensions & can cause applications to malfunticon..what shall i do shall i uninstall the system extensions r they only for quicktime..will i be able to redownload a quicktime player if i leave them there
thank u

  hugh-265156 02:47 11 May 2004

noooooooo! :-)

you have done this backwards.its important to always use add remove programs and not just delete folders as it can cause problems.

i never suggested deleting files and folders first i said check that the folders where there and see if it started when clicked.

if it didnt work then boot into safe mode then uninstall it via add remove and THEN delete any leftover folders.

thats what i ment anyway,sorry if i confused you.

ok try this in this order:

check your recycle bin and right click the quicktime folder you just deleted and choose "restore" to put it back.

make a system restore point

uninstall via add remove programs and delete the extensions also "yes to all" if its "in use" as before do it via safe mode as above or restart and try again.

find any leftover folders as before AFTER USING ADD REMOVE and delete them.

download and install quicktime again.

if it goes pear shaped use system restore to go back.

  Sethhaniel 10:02 11 May 2004

and it will take out irrelavant links in registry

  Sethhaniel 10:04 11 May 2004
  lamda 10:18 11 May 2004

into my postings

  l1ndy 21:22 11 May 2004

lamda .. what do u mean .. into my postings

  l1ndy 23:22 11 May 2004

i have now been able to download the qicktime player after success of deleting the invisible one lol but i am still getting the message on the updater as .... information from the quicktime server is invalid .. help again plz .. thank u

  hugh-265156 00:30 12 May 2004

not sure sorry.no info on this on the apple site that i can find.try click here

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