Ç̧ÇØ 09:36 06 Jul 2005

I am trying to upgrade to a newer version of Quicktime.
When i try to uninstall the original version i get a message that an application is still using it and uninstall stops.
Even if I start in safe mode i get the same message.
I have looked in task manager and cant see anything in there.

can anyone help???

  gudgulf 09:50 06 Jul 2005

It's probably the auto-updater that's running.....look for QTTask.exe in the Task Manager and end that process.If that doesn't work try updating over the top of the old installation.

You could also use RegCleaner click here to remove the QuickTime registry entries and then delete the QuickTime folder before installing the upgrade.

  Ç̧ÇØ 10:17 06 Jul 2005

i have looked in task manager
no references to Apple or Quicktime.
I have run regcleaner and deleted all references to apple and quicktime, deleted the quicktime folder, rebooted.
when i try to install the upgrade I still get the same message, "An application is useing quicktime, uninstall will stop.

  gudgulf 11:34 06 Jul 2005

Have you got any web browsers open.Maybe the Quicktime plugin for one of those is the problem.

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