kenamb 17:35 18 Dec 2006

which dvd discs is the most common to use in any dvd player - or +

  Totally-braindead 17:37 18 Dec 2006

I think its -.

But I could be wrong.

  anskyber 17:39 18 Dec 2006

- is very common + is not unknown, it's amatter of how recent the player.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:41 18 Dec 2006

I believe that the -r is the more compatible but most new drives will use both.

  skidzy 17:45 18 Dec 2006

Well if anything like the Lappy i bought yesterday,nightmare with dvd discs.

Tried three brands,and no good what so ever.I have ordered some datawrite -r and will give these a shot.

My advice on experience,is find a reliable media and stick to it.And it does not have to be a top brand.

  anskyber 17:48 18 Dec 2006

There is any interesting point here given the experience of many with DVDs which (usually for software reasons) do not behave as well as CDs.

The point is Vista will come only on DVDs.

  Pamy 17:51 18 Dec 2006

I find the cheapest - , no probs

  Totally-braindead 17:55 18 Dec 2006

Regarding failed disks I've been rather lucky in that everything I've bought in the DVD line has worked perfectly. The recorder I have, a Liteon one, does not appear to be as fussy as some others makes are.

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