Quickest was to get a .png file to be an XP icon?

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 18:33 20 Oct 2005

Any ideas? Perhaps some freeware that does this?
I've tried a couple of programs (forgot their names), but when I saved as .ico, they were always invisible! :(

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable that me an help (basically, the rest of the world).


  Chegs ® 18:50 20 Oct 2005

click here

Couple of freeware tools in this list.I'm gonna give a few a go,see what gives with them on my PC.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 19:04 20 Oct 2005

Thanks for those...I downloaded a few of them, but not seem to be able to take a .png file and make it an icon.

  Eric10 19:13 20 Oct 2005

Irfanview click here can open a .png as save it as a .ico. To use it though you need to go to the properties of the shortcut where you wish to display it and change the icon to your saved file.

  Chegs ® 19:46 20 Oct 2005

The freeware versions are restricted in icon sizes(32x32)but I have successfully changed my comp/my docs,etc to a different icon(dunno yet how I'm going to get them back to default,will cross that one when I need to)Looking at IrfanView,I'm going to have a go at setting a few of my presently changed icons to something else with it,if I succeed,I'll report back the if's/buts,etc.

  Chegs ® 21:09 20 Oct 2005

IrfanView does allow creation of an .ico file,I now have My Computer icon as a pic of my cat. :-)

Its really easy,select the file you want as an icon,resize it with IrfanFan,save as...icon,then right-click the shortcut,properties,change icon,browse to the file you created and bingo.One cat.ico file.

This doesn't explain why your ico files vanished,but does allow you to create a new set without any difficulty.

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