Quicken XG 2004 - delete multiple categories

  SheilaB 18:08 22 Jul 2009

I have created a new Quicken file in Quicken XG 2004. In previous versions you were offered the option of using the default Quicken categories or creating your own from scratch. Now I only seem to be offered the default categories and 95% of these are irrelevant.

To make matters worse, I can't delete more than one category at a time and it won't hold position on the list for the next time so I have to scroll down again each time - VERY cumbersome and time consuming. Anyone got any tips how to delete categories quickly and easily?
Sheila B

  TonyV 19:37 22 Jul 2009

Do you mean that when you click on Tools/Category List you don't have the option to add, edit or remove Category's?

I use the 2004 version and I have that option in my copy!


  TonyV 19:45 22 Jul 2009

On checking the Help in Quicken you can only delete one category at a time. Cumbersome, maybe, but I suspect it is done as a safety measure!



  SheilaB 21:04 22 Jul 2009

Thanks, Tony - I feared that may be the case. I did check the Help info, but often there are sneaky ways to do what they think can't be done!!

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