Quicken on Windows 7

  douglas1973 11:19 11 Jun 2011

In your March 2011 edition (How to: Helproom, page 103) a reader describes how to use Quicken 2004 in Windows 7. He recommends copying the entire Quicken folder from Program Files on an XP or Vista computer to Windows 7. I have done this and it works brilliantly except that there is no sound when one enters any type of transaction, etc. despite the fact that the sub folder "Sound" is included in the Quicken folder that I have copied. I suppose that I could live without sound in Quicken but the familiar sounds made when one enters a transaction, etc. are reassuring and I would like to have them. Can anyone suggest how I can resurect them?

  Housten 13:03 11 Jun 2011

I am sorry I don't know how to resurect sounds, all I will say is that I have been using Quicken for about 15 years now, and have never needed or used sounds and don't see the need for them. Quicken works perfectly adequately in silence!

  TonyV 13:38 11 Jun 2011


I have it running in Win 7 and my sounds are fine. I installed my copy from the original disc. I have noticed that it says the sound files will open with Windows Media Player. Are yours set to play via WMP as well or are they set to the programme that opened them in XP? Equally so, have you set Quicken to run in the XP compatibility mode?


  TonyV 13:45 11 Jun 2011


Also, go to Edit/Preferences/Quicken Programme/Setup/ then make sure "Turn on Quicken Sounds" is checked.



  douglas1973 20:39 12 Jun 2011

Housten: I did say that I could live without sound in Quicken but regrettably I am one of those silly people who likes to have things just right. I am too old to mend my ways now!(77) Thanks, nevertheless, for your input.

TonyV: Although I have an original Quicken Release 2 CD 2004 I did not use it to install Quicken in Windows 7. I copied all the files in Quicken intalled on my second hard drive and pasted them to my main drive. Perhaps I should do as you have done - I will try it.

When I double click one of the Quicken sound file on my main drive the sound plays in Windows Media Player.

No, I stupidly had not set Quicken to run in Windows XP compatibility mode but now have done so but I still get no sounds.

Sounds are turned on in my Quicken in Windows 7.

I think I will try and reinstall Quicken 2004 as you have described and see if I have success in obtaining sounds. Many thanks for your help. It is very much appreciated.

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