Quicken in Windows 7

  Simsy 12:02 26 Oct 2009


I've been using Quicken 2000 since 2000. It's worked OK on XP, but I was worried, having read about it elsewhere, that it wouldn't work on Vista or Win 7...

I'm pleased to say that I seem to have it working fine, on both Vista and Windows.

Here's what I did;

1) Copy contents of installation disc to HDD.
2) Right click the setup file, (I think it's called "install.exe" I'm not at home at the moment so I can't be sure of this!), and choose "properties>compatibility"
3) Select Win98/Me as the compatibility mode, and deselect the Video effects choices. There are 2 of them to deselect, but again I can't remember waht they are labelled, but they are both obvious.
4) Apply/OK
5) Run the install file. (Choose the "custom" install and deselect IE4, and probably best to choose Progfiles/Quicken as the installation place, rather that the default which is not in the "Programme Files" folder)

6) When the install has finished, reboot.

7) Apply the steps 2-5 above to the Quicken.exe file.

What deselecting the video choices does is disable the "transparent" and "peek" features while Quicken is running. It re-enables them when you exit the programme.

It seems to be working fine for me in both Vista and Win 7 having followed the above. And it registerd OK over the internet!

I also found a way of getting the help files working... again because I'm at work I can't remember how exactly, but I have a link at home which I'll post later!

I hope this helps anyone who may be trying with it!



  David4637 20:42 26 Oct 2009

Thanks for the above, could you explain what you mean in step 7) Apply the steps 2-5 above to the Quicken.exe file". Thanks David

  Simsy 21:09 26 Oct 2009

What you did to the "install.exe" to install the program, you then do to the "QW.exe", (not "quicken.exe"), file AFTER it has installed.

Does that help?

And this is the link to help with the "help" files;
click here



  staples printer cartridge 10:01 28 May 2010

Hi, I know this is old but....

I can't get this to work - is this becuase I have a 64 -bit Win 7?

Any help appreciated as Ihave been using Quicken for 10 years now and really don't want to be exploring a new money program!

  Simsy 10:06 28 May 2010

it's a 32 bit version I have it working on.

I "expect" to be getting/building a new PC "shortly"! If/when that happens it will be 64 bit and I'll report back with news of success or failure.

However, don't hold your breath!



  northumbria61 12:47 28 May 2010

Staples printer cartridge - "
"I can't get this to work - is this because I have a 64 -bit Win 7?"

Like you I have been using Quicken for the past 10 years and on every O.S. I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit from Vista a few months ago and couldn't get Quicken to install on it so I opted to download Windows Virtual PC and installed it on there running in XP-Mode.

I have however recently managed to install Quicken onto my normal "C" drive but the problem I have now is that I can't get all my Data from Quicken on my Virtual Drive into Quicken on my normal "C" Windows 7 drive.

I have even purchased (for a small fee) a program called EZ Backup Quicken Basic from RinjaniSoft.com and although I am able to back up all my Quicken data onto my Corsair USB flash drive successfully it WON'T restore it into Quicken on my normal drive. I get messages that the files have been successfully copied and restored but when I open Quicken the file won't open.

I have had great support from Rinjanisoft.com with several suggestions covering several emails to get this to work but without success.

So my problem lies with either -
1. Windows 7 64 bit (but unlikely as it has installed)
2. The copying of data from the Virtual Drive to normal "C" drive with Win.7
3. Within Quicken itself.
** Most likely to be QUICKEN **

At the moment will have to continue running it on my Virtual Drive.

So to answer your query - I think it will work for you in Windows 7 64 bit (others have it working) as long as you don't have it installed on a Virtual Drive like me.

** I am referring to Quicken 2004 - the last version issued by Intuit before ceasing support in January 2006 **

  svtdot 16:10 21 Jul 2010

Like many, many others I have been using Quicken for a long time. My earliest records are 1994! I wish Intuit would produce an up-to-date version, I would cheerfully buy it.

I have moved Quicken 2004 twice in the past without a problem, but research on the web before buying a new PC suggested it might be a problem this time. I have successfully (it seems) done it and I thought I would share what happened to me as many people have different experiences.

Basically I followed what Simsy did but with some variations. I will list it in its entirety to save misunderstanding.

1. I created a Restore point in case things went belly up!
2. Copy the contents of Quicken installation disk onto your hard disk drive. (This is necessary because you need to change the properties of a file, which can’t be done on the CD.
3. Open the Disk 1 folder. Right click Setup (the application file, not the others) and select properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and then tick “Run the program in compatibility mode for”. This opens the selection menu and I chose Windows 98/ Windows ME. I also selected run in 256 colours and disable visual themes.
4. That done I ran the setup program. I didn’t make a note of every subsequent selection but I don’t recall any choices that made me stop to think. I installed Quicken in Program Files (x86) as suggested by Windows.
5. When the install routine ended Quicken started as if I was new to the software, but I elected the option as an experienced user.
6. At some point it asked me where my Quicken files were located. I had already loaded my old computer Quicken data files into My Documents where they have resided for years. I drove the rather old fashioned interface to the correct point. I was not asked to register at this point.
7. Now comes the bizarre part. The data loaded and it seemed familiar except that the latest date showing was September 2004! Yes 2004! There were scores of red reminders flashing, but all relating to 2004. There were accounts showing that were closed years ago.
8. Thinking the file had been corrupted somehow, I went through the Quicken procedures to install the backup which I keep on a NAS. No difference!
9. I went back to my old PC and created a copy of my current file on to a flash drive.(Using the Quicken copy feature, not Windows copy)
10. I then asked Quicken to read the file on the flash drive and it was OK. I haven’t checked everything but I could find nothing wrong, the Help files seem OK, not that I need them much these days. I should add at this point that as soon as the correct file opened, Quicken asked me to register, of which more below.
11. Saving the transferred file on my new hard disk needed a little work. I needed to use Quicken copy to copy the flash drive based file and then save it in My Documents. If you follow exactly the same route as I have, you must delete or rename the file on your hard disk as quicken does not allow you to overwrite an existing file. You’re there. In hindsight I can think of reasons why the wrong data showed up, but essentially you need Quicken to create its own files rather then let Windows do it.
12. Registration was a pain and took 2 attempts and nearly half an hour. There seems to be a compatibility issue with the Quicken 2004 script and Windows 7. The result was some very long waits for the Intuit site (in Canada?) to respond, it did eventually and hopefully now I’m flying.
13. Good luck.

  Simsy 11:02 05 Sep 2010


I'm pleased to say that I appear to have Quicken 2000, (note version number), working in Windows 7 64 bit!!

I say "appear to" becasue I haven't yet begun actually using it, as I'm still installing/tidying this new PC and so am currently using Quicken on my laptop. When new PC is up with everything I've move my quicken file(s) to new PC and begin using the new install in anger...

However, the way I got it to work was with a tip I found on another site, (which unfortunately I can't find again at the moment, as I'm at work, so I can't link to it!)...

Copy Quicken 2000 CD contents to a folder on HDD.
One of the CD contents is a folder called, simply, "95"
Inside this folder is a setup.exe, (or possibly "install.exe"... can't remember for sure!)... RIGHT click this file, select Compatibilty, and choose Win95. Also, disable the bottom 3 of the 5 visual options. Chose "Run as administrator" as well

It then installed fine, though I did choose "custom install" and deselected the other components, (IE4 and Acrobat Reader I think they were?), and also chose an installation folder in the Progs(x86) folder of the C drive, rather than the default C:/Quicken...

When It's installed I then found the Prog file in the installation folder, (QW.exe I think it's called), and applied the same conditions via the Compatibilty tab...

It seems to run fine, and registered via the internet OK with no problems.

Should I run into issues when I start using it for real I'll report back... but there is no reason to suppose I will as it plays with the installed sample file with no problems, as far as I can tell!

Hope this helps,



  Simsy 11:44 05 Sep 2010

It's the post at Monday, August 02, 2010 9:54 PM

on this page;
click here



  Simsy 10:33 08 Sep 2010

I spoke to soon...

I've virtually finished setting up my new PC with all progs etc, now, so I thought I'd try and use Quicken in anger, with my real data...

No good!

It seems like installing and setting up all my other stuff has had a nasty effect... Though Quicken will still open, it doesn't close cleanly, and my data was jibberish! Dates were all wrong, and amounts were meaningless! A file that ONLY contains data from 2010, (I use the calendar year for my records), was showing dates from 2007 and 2008, there were very few credits, and my current account is apparently overdrawn to the tune of £58,583 !!

It's still working OK on my laptop, with the 32 bit version of Win7, so I'll carry on with that for now.

I'm very disappointed! Apologies to anyone whose hopes I may have raised!!



  Mark10 19:53 08 Sep 2010

Hi all, I am running win7 64 bit and have Quicken XG. Had it for quite a while and it runs perfectly.

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