Quicken and Windows 7

  Housten 11:59 25 Oct 2009

Has anyone using Quicken - preferably XG 2004 - installed Windows 7? I am just about to install Windows 7 and would be very appreciative of any pointers to problems that have been encountered. I have Vista Business and Quicken was installed quite easily - only had to re-istall one file. So any help, tips or information would be very welcome.

  pest1n 21:12 28 Feb 2010

My Quicken 2004 CD will not install on my new PC using Windows 7. Allegedly two files are missing. Quicken is now out of business, I believe. Do you where I can get a new download of the Quicken 2004 program, or if not can you suggest a good replacement money-management package please?

  northumbria61 21:14 28 Feb 2010

Which version of Windows 7 are you using

  steve stifler 21:21 28 Feb 2010

click here offers a solution.havent got it myself.

  steve stifler 21:21 28 Feb 2010

click here offers a solution.havent got it myself.

  northumbria61 21:24 28 Feb 2010

Further - Quicken (Intuit) withdrew sales for Quicken users in the UK in Jan 2005 and support a year later. I have used all versions of Quicken for the past 11 years. The last disc issued for the UK was in fact the one you mention Quicken XG 2004 - It will NOT install in Windows 7 However if you can download and install Virtual PC for Win 7 you can install and use Quicken in XP Mode. I have been using it that way for the past few months without any problems.

  mike40 09:30 01 Mar 2010

I tried to load quicken 2004 in windows 7 and although it went through the motion it refused two files. A couple of days later I noticed that it had loaded in C:\ on my computer. Almost at the bottom of the installed files there was an icon named qw. which was an application file. I double clicked on it and it opened quicken up. I then created a short cut onto the desktop and have been using it for the past month without problem. Hope I have made it clear as I am sure if it worked for me then it must work for others.


  Housten 16:00 21 Apr 2010

Good afternoon, everyone.

My apologies for not coming back to this posting earlier, but I looked at it a couple of times towards the end of last year, and with no replies, decided there would not be worth checking further. How wrong can you be???

What brought me back was the ‘fixonclick – have you dealt with this firm?’ saga ( see separate posting for all the details ) and as a result having to install Windows 7 on my desktop. With no replies, I had previously tried installing Quicken on the laptop, but it didn’t seem to work, so I gave up on that and decided to keep Vista going on my desktop for as long as possible. However things changed and I was logged in to make a comment on another posting, when I saw ‘Your Postings’, checked it out and found all your replies!! As I said I had had to install 7 on my desktop, and then tried Quicken again with no real success, only getting the small logo to appear for about a second and then nothing. So having found the postings, I decided to make a note of them and then work through all of them starting with the easiest, which I thought of as coming from Mike40. This worked immediately!! Straight away the logo came up, and then there was a slight wait whilst the programme started. I was beginning to doubt it was going to work, when the usual question came up when you start a new copy, do you have data on this drive? Having had to spend a considerable amount of time copying and checking data from the Vista partition to the 7 partition, I was able to get the programme to import the copied file, and it then appeared to run normally. Thinking this may be too good to be true, I decided to exit and then re-start. This was a revelation, as the programme shut down in the – for me very old – usual manner. In Vista the normal procedure was to get an error message saying that Quicken launcher had stopped working, and it was only a very, very small number of times that I was able to exit correctly. I then re-started it and it was up and running in a matter of seconds!! I now, also, get the option of backing up the data on a regular basis, when I exit. I was going to make this posting about a week ago, but I decided to wait and see if I had any problems, but there have been none and the programme is running, I think, more smoothly and quickly than it has done in a long time!!! So – on this basis – I would recommend Windows 7 and Mike40’s method of starting Quicken. I have also put a shortcut on to the taskbar, and that works with no problem, although that is my only point of complaint. The icon on the taskbar is not the normal Quicken one and I can find no way – so far – of changing it to the ‘correct’ icon, but this is so minor that I am not really bothered at the moment.

So I wish to thank everyone who replied, and say that with a little persistence you should be able to get Quicken to work, although I must emphasise that the edition I have is Quicken 2004 XG, so I don’t know or can comment about other editions. To pest1n I can only say that if you obtain a copy of this, and follow Mike40’s comments you should have no problems getting it to work. I am going to mark this posting as resolved, with my thanks – again – to everyone who replied.

  Simsy 17:05 21 Apr 2010

to get Quicken 2000 working fine on Win7...

click here

With apologies if this doesn't work with that later version!



  drewstew 14:07 13 May 2010

I have found a very simple way to get Quicken working on Windows 7 - with all data imported. First of all copy all files from your existing Quicken directory onto a pen drive (or CD). Now install Quicken onto your computer using the installation disk. It will report missing files. From your pen drive, install your old Quicken files into your new Quicken directory - replace or skip, it doesn't matter. Voila! Quicken will open just as it was on your old OS.

  David4637 16:14 13 May 2010

Thats great news that Quicken 2004 will work in W7. Could I ask you this?
Do you copy all the "old" Quicken folders to the new Quicken Directory, and where the files are the same you OK to replace. Any folders from the old version will be copied if they don't exist in the new version. Hope that makes sense. I am getting ready for W7 but my version of Quicken is 2002?
Thanks David

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