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  Budgie52 20:13 18 Mar 2008

I have been using quicken 2000 for the last 8 years and about a year ago transferred the program plus data to a new PC with Windows XP. This has worked for the last 12 months and the share update via a broadband connection has worked perfectly. however a week ago the share update facility has given up the ghost. The currencies are updated but i now get the message that there is an error on the quote server. On probing further a mesage box appears with the message that the c:/quicken/inet/common/qwqfn.hlp file cannot be found. true enough i cannot find this file myself but i have no idea why this file has been lost. What would you do???
need help , richard

  etang 16:15 20 Mar 2008

I have found the file on my computer, but it does not help me as to why I cannot download share price information.

It is a general helpfile which guides you through the basics of checking internet connections etc. Which I am sure you are up to speed on.

Regards etang

  Captain Slog 17:39 20 Mar 2008

Here is some info I have found re Quicken prices.

Quicken 2002 Graphs show "Online quotes by S&P Comstock"
S & P Comstock is based in Islamabad Pakistan !
Standard & Poor’s ComStock is a unit of Standard & Poor’s, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies. click here

Quicken UK site (click here) states -

Important notice for Quicken Users:

Intuit UK has made a difficult business decision to discontinue future development of Quicken products for the UK market. To help customers affected by this decision, we will continue providing access to Quicken customer support and online services through to the end of January 2006.

Key Dates

Quicken withdrawn from sale: 31, January 2005
Phone support (Quicken XG, 2004) until: 31, January 2006
Email support (Quicken XG, 2004) until: 31, January 2006
Online support until: 31, January, 2006

If Quicken withdrew UK support in January 2006, I guess we are lucky to have been receiving price downloads this long. I assume that Quicken had to pay S & P Comstock for the info - and if no longer receiving any revenue from the UK, cutoff is not surprising.

My problem now is where do I go now for price data. - Quicken 2002 works fine for me for bank accounts etc and recording trades - just want prices for Portfolio Value and charts.

I can get free downloads from Motley Fool , but I cannot work out how to edit this into a format which Quicken will read - I keep getting error "File not found or unreadable" - I wish it would tell me which!

  Woolwell 22:11 20 Mar 2008

What format is the download from Motley Fool in? Try csv if available.

  Captain Slog 09:37 22 Mar 2008

Motley Fool gives price history on screen for one share which you can copy / paste into notepad, spreadsheet or whatever.
Info given is -
Date Open High Low Close Volume Adj Close* Dividend Split
* Close price adjusted for dividends and splits.
(What Quicken holds is in sequence "Date Price High Low Volume")

However the MF gives price history for one share for chosed period (up to a year) while what I want is a weeks data for all my holdings.

Also Quicken Help shows examples eg
"ABC 123.456 12/31/00" which have date in US (mm/dd/yy) format which would require manually altering each entry - quicker to type it in each week!

I have tried pasting into Notepad in format as in Quicken example but get "File not found or unreadable" every time.

  AlanUsis 10:40 25 Mar 2008

I have been a user of Quicken Deluxe 2000 in Uk for 9 years and have been very pleased with it.
In fact I found it vastly superior to 2005 Deluxe which I bought and then stopped using as I found the plain white onscreen displays inferior to 2000's attractive colour and links within the programme far more bumpy.Also the quote downloads and analysis.So I uninstalled 2005 and happily went back to 2000! This was a lesson to me that in the world of computing, newer often doesn't mean better!
Anyway, over the last year the Quote Server Errior message has appeared many time and I have been unable to download quotes from S+P Comstock
in Quicken.There was a period-as I remember-like this 3 or 4 years ago.The only thing is this time it seems permanent-2 weeks or more so I am having to do the quotes manually on Yahoo UK Finance.This is time consuming!
The point I want to make is why do Intuit not have the kindness to inform users of Quicken in UK.It is so dysfunctional to just drop us into the dark with no warning!!

  fellowsufferer2 14:50 27 Mar 2008

I have managed to resolve this by importing prices from YAHOO. Create a portfolio in YAHOO finance and use the link to download to your PC. There is information on importing files to Quicken at click here
I found that this covered most of the problems. The main thing is to make sure that the ticker symbol exactly matches that in Quicken. I found that all of mine had to have the .L added.
Hope this helps

  fellowsufferer2 11:35 05 Apr 2008

The share price download has started working again!

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