Quicken False Error Message

  Prewch 22:34 10 Jan 2007

For years I have backed up my Quicken files (current size 1.9Mb) to my D drive which is a 3Gb capacity hard drive with more than 2.8Gb of free space on it.

Tonight I suddenly got an error message from Quicken saying "Your back up disc is out of space. Insert a different disc and click OK".

At first I thought I had selected the wrong drive (eg A with a floppy clearly far too small). So I tried to backup again ensuring my D drive was selected. The same out of space error message came up again.

Next I moved the last Quicken backup file fronm D to my desktop and then reformatted the D drive. Still no joy when I tried another backup to D. So for the moment I am backing up to my C drive which goes without a hitch. Clearly I prefer to backup to D in case my main hard drive C goes down at some time.

My version of Quicken is the special Year 200 Solution issued to the then current users by Intuit but now no longer supported by them.

Help please. Thanks in advance for any ideas on bottoming this one.

  Woolwell 23:31 10 Jan 2007

Cannot help directly. I have a 9Mb Quicken file which I back up to 100 Mb Zip drive (rotating discs for each save) with no problems. So you should have no problems putting it on a 3Gb drive.
However it may be worth doing an error check (scan disc) on your D Drive which may have developed a number of bad sectors and could be on the way out.
Can you save other files to the D drive?

ps for really important files I never back up to any internal discs.

  UncleP 00:38 11 Jan 2007

Difficult one: I've backed up my Quicken files to floppy, ZIP, CD and hard disk over many years without any problems. Like Woolwell, my immediate reaction was that it must be a problem with hard disk D:, but if you've reformatted this and the problem persists, I'm not so sure. It does sound as if it is a fairly old disk (you can't find 3Gb disks these days!), so it's worth checking it thoroughly, especially if you are committing valuable data files to it. Use a sector scan utility from the manufacturer, or better still, run a SMART utility to provide a continuous monitoring of all of its operating parameters (unless it pre-dates SMART).

Alternatively, it's just possible that one of the Quicken files (not the data files) has been corrupted. If you have the original CD, you could try re-installing Quicken itself to see if that corrects the problem.

  Hayrick 00:58 11 Jan 2007

Quicken does this to me occasionally for no apparent reason. Then a few days perhaps weeks all goes back to normal. A mistery to me,i wish I knew the answer When it happens I go to C drive Quicken and drag the relevenr files over to the backup disc in my case my external drive untill all comes right again

  Prewch 10:10 11 Jan 2007

Thanks to all for your thoughts. I have checked the drive - no faults.

Other stuff backs up to it without a hitch.

I have Googled around to try to find a fix; as yet without success but... it seems Quicken gives other people the same false message as well.
Nobody seems to have an answer and as I said before Intuit doesn't want know!


  vinnyT 11:01 11 Jan 2007

I've had the same prob for a while, the way round it is to;

Make a new backup directory on a diff drive (ie c:backup if your prev was d:\backup)

When it asks you for a drive to backup to, choose a diff drive to your normal one (ie c: instead d:), it will now allow you to type in the location directory to backup to (ie c:\backup), then let it backup to this location.

Next time you do a backup, choose this drive letter (ie c:), it now shows you the location (ie c:\backup) highlighted change the drive letter to d and it will/should back up to your normal backup location (ie d:\backup). Unfortunetly, I've had to do this everytime, if I choose the original drive and directory it shows the error.

Although the above sounds longwinded, that's just me, it's only a couple extra clicks.

Hope this helps

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