Quicken Deluxe 2010

  Angry Kid 11:18 28 Aug 2010


Does anyone know where I can download the above program for use with Windows 7 Home premium 64bit.

I have contacted Quicken but they don't support downloads outside the UK. Then I have tried amazon.com but have problems when trying to complete the billing address and the state which are all American.

Your help is much appreciated.

Angry ;-)

  Woolwell 13:17 28 Aug 2010

I am prepared to be contradicted but I don't think you can. Intuit (Quicken) withdrew UK products/support several years ago. There are threads on how to install older UK versions of Quicken on Windows 7 with varying degrees of success.

  northumbria61 14:30 28 Aug 2010

Intuit (Quicken) withdrew UK Support in January 1995 - if you don't have a older version to install then there is no chance of a download or a purchase from Intuit.

  northumbria61 14:30 28 Aug 2010

See here - click here

  northumbria61 14:33 28 Aug 2010

Just noticed the bottom bit of that LINK but don't know if it will work -

It isn't usually possible to get companies such as amazon.com to ship software outside the US, but you can get hold of the software through digital download
QUICKEN 2010 HOME & BUSINESS WINDOWS DOWNLOAD). Use a 'fake' US address if prompted, and ensure you don't opt for any physical media.

  Angry Kid 14:34 28 Aug 2010

Thanks for your postings.

If Windows Home Premium was to be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional, would I still be able to load Quicken 2004 and use in compatibility mode?

Angry ;-)

  northumbria61 14:39 28 Aug 2010

See here - click here

  northumbria61 14:42 28 Aug 2010

I have Quicken 2004 working on Windows 7 Pro 64bit but on "Microsoft Virtual PC" running in XP MOde.

  Angry Kid 18:31 29 Aug 2010

Thak you for your posting which has been most helpful.

However, I sadly have to report that I cannot access Quicken any more as I now require the serial key. Unfortunately, I do not have access to this as it was previously installed on a laptop which has just suffered a motherboard failure hence the new laptop purchase ;-(

Do you have any recommendations of a similar product?

Thanks again for your help and I am sure I will find Microsoft Virtual PC a help in the future.

Angry ;-)

  VoG II 20:04 29 Aug 2010

It seems that Microsoft Money has been withdrawn as well. You could use Excel and MS have many templates available. Or Open Office and use the MS templates.

Personally. I fly by the seat of my pants.

  Pine Man 09:50 30 Aug 2010

Following the demise of Money I gave Quicken a try after downloading a trial copy of the 2008 US version. It worked perfectly and it was easy to set it up for £ instead of $. I contacted Quicken by email in the US about buying the 2010 version and they said they would arrange a phone call to purchase a US copy for posting to the UK.

In the end I decided against Quicken and bought Home Accountz, which is made by a UK company and seems fine. You can download a trial from click here but be advised that it is nothing like Quicken or Money although you soon get the hang of it and the support is absolutely exceptional.

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