Quicken 6 will it run on Vista

  prince midas 11:24 09 Feb 2009

I have the original version of Quicken 6 money accounts which I have run for 30 years on all my Computors for Business and home and it is fine on Windows XP.Will it run on Vista?Any experience of it running on Vista as I only want it for accounts and I am not interested about using it for online banking.

  Graphicool1 11:59 09 Feb 2009

Does this help...

Quicken runs on the following operating systems:

Quicken 2009 runs on Windows Vista and XP. It does not run on Windows 98.
Quicken 2008 runs on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. It does not run on Windows 98.
Quicken 2007 runs on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. It does not run on Windows 98.
Quicken 2006 runs on Windows XP, 2000, 98, and ME.

If this doesn't answer your question this will...
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  Housten 12:32 09 Feb 2009

I think if you read some of the other threads listed under 'Quicken' you will find your answer. I run 2004 XP, and it only required a small amount of adjustment to work with Vista. However it is rare for it to finish correctly - but at that point it doesn't really matter.

Quicken ( i.e. Intuit ) abandoned this country as far as personal programmes went in 2005, so I am presuming that the 'Quicken 6' you are talking about refers to 'Quicken 6 for Windows', and if so I would advise buying/borrowing the cd for 2004 XP and upgrading which probably will make it more stable when/if you switch to Vista. I use it for accounts and shares, which could download share prices from the internet until start of last December ( see other threads for discussions on this ), otherwise no problems running 2004 XP on Vista.

  Stuartli 12:33 09 Feb 2009

IIRC Vista has a similar Programs Compatibility Wizard to XP.

  basser 18:25 09 Feb 2009

Over the years I have had several versions of Quicken, last year when I got a vista pc I tried to install the latest version only to find my serial number worked, but I could only restart it 3 times because I had to activate it over the phone. But as they have left the country the phone number was dead. I have had to go back to a millenium version they sent me for the year 2000 for it to work without the phone activation.
I think the other thread from Graphicool1 those versions of quicken are all american.

  David4637 21:24 09 Feb 2009

Quicken 2000 runs OK on XP, would he please confirm it run on XP, and is there any tweaks he uses? Thanks David

  David4637 21:26 09 Feb 2009

sorry should read "would he please confirm it will run on Vista" etc. Thanks

  basser 22:29 09 Feb 2009

What I did was after I installed one of the versions on vista I had 3 goes before activation by phone, and before that I used the 2000 disc quicken sent me to combat the chance that the software would not work on the change to 2000,
I installed that before the phone activation and it worked. best of luck.

  prince midas 11:02 10 Feb 2009

After reading your comments on installing Quicken 6 I find that if you copy the existing program from an XP computor directly to a removable USB hard drive, you do not need to install it to a Vista Pc and it runs fine.This saves the problem of 3 installs etc.

  David4637 12:54 10 Feb 2009

Are you saying if you copy the Quicken folders from the XP OS Program Files to say a pen drive, it will run from there on Vista? Thanks David

  Colin 13:03 10 Feb 2009

For what it's worth I'm still using Quicken '98, the personal finance software, on Vista with no problems. I also still use Lotus '97, ((123 and Approach), in Vista with no problems.

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