Quinlan 16:19 24 Sep 2007

Anyone know where I can locate a Quicken supplier. I heard that their services are no longer available in Europe.
Alternatively can anyone recommend a similar product which will pick-up my existing Quicken Data. I have Vista OS.

  mimram 17:15 24 Sep 2007


Quicken ceased marketing in the uk a couple of years ago ie no further versions with UK currency can be purchased through retail outlets.

I believe MS Money imports Quicken files.

Personally, I am staying with my Quicken 2002 - although I have taken a couple of backup copies of the installation disk.

  pj123 17:45 24 Sep 2007

The best alternative that I know is Moneybox 32. Written by the father of one of our Forum Members (KateB)

I have been using Moneybox 32 for some time and I can’t fault it.

It used to be free but I just tried to link it but it now seems it is not Freeware but Shareware.

Maybe Kate B can comment on this? Is it still free or is it now Shareware?

  Newuser38 18:23 24 Sep 2007

Have you got your original Quicken disc and what version is it? I hve not tried to load it into Vista but will check it out if I have the same version as yours.

pj123 I dont think Moneybox can read Quicken data.

  Quinlan 23:19 24 Sep 2007

Dear Newuser38,

I have an original Quicken 2004 Disk with the Product Key. It was working fine on Windows XP but my new computer has Vista and I can't fully install it.


John Quinlan

  Newuser38 12:41 25 Sep 2007

I cannot instal 2004 on Vista either.I did not try before and my accounts are in an XP machine.

Intuit no longer support it and newer versions are not available in the UK even by download from the US.

It seems from this click here that it is cofirmed that Quicken will not work.

When I have a moment I will see if there is any other way round it.

  Quinlan 13:03 25 Sep 2007

I appreciate all the suggestions & now accept that Quicken is not available. Can anyone tell me, for certain, that MS Money will be able to read and use all my old Quicken data. I cannot afford to lose it and I don't want to buy MS Money if it will not do the job.

  Simsy 16:35 25 Sep 2007

I'm still using Quicken 200 myself, but I was sure I'd read somewhere that it could be done...

and this seems to confirm it...

click here

look at the bottom of the third paragraph.

Good luck,



  Simsy 16:37 25 Sep 2007

that's quite an old review!

I would image that it's still possible though.

Good luck with your research!



  Woolwell 17:28 25 Sep 2007

Kate B in a post in this thread click here stated that Money could import Quicken. And this states it can be done click here

I have Quicken 2004 and am quite worried about its long term future.

  Woolwell 17:31 25 Sep 2007

It seems you may have a few snags click here

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